Wood Stool Utilizing Totally different Joinery Strategies

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I had this dwell edge piece of noticed that I used as the highest to this quick wooden stool. The leg meeting takes benefit of three completely different joinery strategies; an angled bridle joint, an angled conventional mortise and tenon, and a wedge half lap on the stretcher. That is one in every of my most technical woodworking initiatives up to now! It was a little bit of a steep studying curve however it turned out okay ultimately.

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Dimitris Florakis says:

I can see some ISHITANI influence on this, well done mate!

Austin Brown says:

It's interesting to see the different species of wood that you have down under, they sound exotic. While in the US we have the traditional Walnut, Oak, Cherry, Pine, etc… Stool looks great – kind of like a Japanese influenced Shaker style.

joseph woodhouse says:

HI do not know what there is to dislike here, you tryed somthing new it was not purfect BUT it is a one off and HAND CUT and not a robot. Loved it and all power to you (but after all the backlash) they are not worht it. six weeks i have been building a shoe cupboard for over a year an trying lotes of new things in it so that takes time so well dun and THANK YOU FOR THE VID

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

Cool build, Robin! The different joints kind of intimidate me. You did a good job of explaining what you were doing through this though!

Rob Wood says:

nice work Bro

KingPost TimberWorks says:

Looks sweet. I'd call it a half lap dovetail.

Scott Turner says:

Well I think it turned out "Mighty"! Looks great. Love the joints and thank you for sharing the challenges you encountered. If making things didn't have challenges as part of the process, then I suppose we'd be doing other things I guess. Well done mate!

Annie Jackson - Centre Piece Furniture says:

What a great challenge !! Love spotted gum great video thank you Robin 🙂

Jay Kepley says:

Greetings from Richmond, Virginia, USA. Beautiful job!

st170ish says:

Looks good Rob… and yep angles and splaying is fun isn't it

Harki Dodia says:

Looks great, and the hand cut joints will get better over time. Loved the video.

Colum Black-Byron says:

Came out well 🙂 How you going managing balancing noise with sleeping baby?

Leeroy - Big Rock Timberworks says:

Love seeing you push your skills to the next level. Not easy on video either, but you did a great job mate. Respect 👊🏽

biscuits671 says:

Have you still not pulled the trigger on a table saw yet mate ? Looking forward to the podcast starting up again I love listening to it in my own workshop in Belfast,Ireland

Gyras says:

I love the chair! Also, do you have any suggestions for working with soft pine? it's so soft and pliable that it just looks like smooshed bread even with the sharpest chisel.

Nick Cliffe says:

That's a lovely piece and made for a great video – thanks.

TheSuperHero says:

It's beautiful.!

Bonnie Barber says:

Loved the longer build video. Want to see more. That is a beautiful work of art that you should be proud of Robin.

Autotech1 says:

I have had difficulties with projects that weren't nearly as complex and technical as this one was, so the wait for this video was well worth effort.

Marcel's Workshop says:

Well done Robin. It looks great.

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