You are utilizing the mistaken desk noticed blade for joinery!

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►Ridge carbide Flat-Kerf Field Joint Blade-
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►My day by day use, combos noticed blade:

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thorlo6 says:

James, you convinced me. I will be subscribing to "Stumpy Nubs". I first saw you on some videos from WoodSmith, but when you explained the difference in these blades, i was blown away. See, you can teach an old dog new tricks.LOL! Thank you for a very informative video.

Me Me says:

Good lessons tk mr.

Rick S says:

How do you sharpen your blades ??

Bryce Cartwright says:

I sharpen saw blades for a living. Have you ever friend Tenryu?

fotopdo says:

Thanks, great info! Do you have any experience with the Ridge Carbide “8” Box and Finger joint set”? It seems like this would give the same flat cuts and allow single pass finger/box Joints.

Nik Berean says:

You really need some more planes..

Barry Turner says:

Hi James; Your audience as you’re aware are worldwide, I’m in the Uk and cant find “flat kerf" mentioned in anyone’s catalogue!
Do any other viewers know of a source?

BTW: Thanks for all the extremely useful ‘stuff’

mastheadmike says:

When I finally move from my apartment into a house with a garage, then get around to buying a table saw, I will remember this video. Thanks.

d1pete88 says:

Ahh! Every time I watch one of your videos I feel the overwhelming urge to go buy more tools to produce the most efficient benches, coffee tables, and keepsake boxes possible!!! How did they produce anything out of wood pre 1992??

Brian Park says:

What about triple chip grind blades?

Aimen .S says:

What's the typical going rate for sharpening a blade?

Matt Groters says:

James do you have any recommendations for a flat bottom kerf blade at 8 1/4 inch size?

Dave Tarrant says:

Great presentation

JohnCinOz1 says:

Hey James, thanks, very helpful. However, the link you provided for the Ridge Carbide blade points to their ATRB blade instead of their flat ground box/finger joint blade. Quick edit required. Otherwise, great stuff.

Night Stringers says:

Great info. Thank you

Dark Delta says:

As always, great information, thanks.

Matthew Morgan says:

another great video!

Scroll Saw Sawyer says:

We noticed that using a 2×4 flat, and, just barely letting the blade touch the wood to begin cutting, we can bury the blade (just barely) into the top, before the blade touches the bottom. Would this be an example of what you are talking about Trevor? We attempted to start, but, we could not get the bolts to budge at all. At 80 years young, physical strength and mental intimidation caused me to fail to even get the bolts off. To me, it just seems like the back of the table is a teeny tiny higher; or, the front of the table is a teeny tiny lower. The blade is 90 degrees. Even before stepping on the pedal: we can see light between the blade and the wood piece at the bottom; when the blade is touching at the top. We have only had it 3 weeks. Should I just return it?

Luciano says:

Estou adorando seus vídeos. Aprendo muitas coisas importantes. Vou ver todos, parabéns.

Craig Monteforte says:

Good. Explanation. Of blades.! Another. Useful. Video. From. Stumpy thnx

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