20 Easy Wooden Becoming a member of Methods! WoodArt

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Watch 20 Easy Wooden Becoming a member of Methods and save concepts about Woodworking initiatives on WoodArt Channel | See extra concepts about Woodworking, Easy woodworking initiatives and Easy wooden initiatives
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Dave Van Meter says:

The way these pieces join together is simple, mortising them to fit this way, would take years and years of training, then years more of experience. Now we know who is simple here.

shiraga says:

Are they durable?

Sigh Phi Guy says:

i dont understand the joint at 03:53.
its a standard joint that i can cut in around 30 seconds.
pretty much all the others are fairly complex.

Claudio Di Gregorio says:

Nice, but my adopted English must be failing me. What is the meaning of "simple"?

kmonnier says:

Anyone else hate dowel construction?

rodolfo escovel says:

4.18 Carpintero que se respeta usa su mejor curita antes cortes y golpes: Masking Tape,

Ian Jones says:

Nice, whats he making in 10.05, original video Please ?

Guy McLaren says:

this is the problem with you dumb fucks that steal others work and make video compilations, you have no idea what is simple and what is advanced.

John South east says:

misleading title to this video so i gave it a thumbs down.

AL spezial says:

i know to be a jointery noob but this video really made me feel like one…

Bogdan karpovich says:

Really enjoy it. Let's check woodprix plans also.

Art Wood Sculpture says:

Cool techniques !!!

PowerOf One says:

4:16 I am guessing sharp chisels?

Authentique says:

Cool techniques !

Jon Johnson says:

Mainly dove tails

starlee says:

Great content! I just started woodworking 3 months ago and I am truly inspired by work just like this. Ive been working on a shed to store all my outdoor landscaping tools and my lawnmower. Check out these woodworking shed plans http://bit.ly/bestshedplans2018 the barn house looking sheds WOW me

Andy says:

some are unbelievable joinery

Stelios Stavrinides says:

absolutely right…!!! I've never seen simpler joints than these !!!!!

JL Ribeiro says:

Talented masochists! 😛

promsnab161 для общих вопросов says:


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