Anatomy of a Shaker Wall Cabinet with Joshua Farnsworth

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Find out how all of the wooden joints match collectively to construct a dangling Shaker Wall cupboard. See the accompanying weblog put up right here:

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Robert Brunston says:

Very good! Looks very nice! Thank you.

Ola Bovin says:

Inspiring! I wonder if I will ever reach that level?

Michael McCormick says:

Always enjoy seeing you do some woodwork yourself too! Would love to learn more about how you measure and space the hinges so the barrel clears

Mark Young says:

I like the mellow tone, exceptional camera work, and craftsmanship. Thanks for making this video. It seems like the weight of the cupboard, and whatever is stored within it, is fully supported by the glue between the case and the top. Is this a concern? Should one limit a cupboard with this anatomy to light duty storage? Do different glues have different strengths over time? Would a different anatomy better distribute weight without sacrificing the shaker authenticity?

cornflake73 says:

well crafted, design, and finish. Cherry is a beautiful wood when done.

Rogelio Myk says:

Excellent piece of furniture! I really like your videos. It really looks simple to make just with your teachings. I'm a beginner in traditional woodwork and you are a really good teacher. All of you guys in the channel.

One question: The inner dovetails of the cupboard are not glued? Just the faceframe is glued?

WB Fine Woodworking says:

Very well done. Thanks for sharing.

Hugo Danilo says:

Joshua. Beautiful.

Nelson Melamund says:

Great job. Please use paper towel and bare hand when finishing on the lathe. I want to see you keep your digits. Nice cupboard!

João Petin says:


Tamie Headrick says:

Nice job.did you cut the grooves by hand?

Franks DIY says:

If you wee closer I'd take a class. Great job on the piece

Joseph Haddakin says:

Thank you thank you thank you. I love the shaker style.

wortheffort says:

nicely done

David says:

You dont glue the dovetails?

Joe Kaiser says:

I enjoyed the format of this video. I like the "anatomy" style over the typical build video that is all over youtube. You should do more of them. 🙂

Ben Tyreman says:

nice job, like the design

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