BEGIN Japanology – Sashimono Woodwork

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Start Japanology Sashimono Woodwork.


Marco Antonio Aravena says:

That was cool and sweet, If I ever have a daughter with a japanese woman I will plant a paulownia tree for her

Apentogo says:

12:51 please someone tell me what that music is and where i can find more.
it sounds so whimsical and fun!

HybridGirl3 says:

A channel called 'Wood Worker' is using the same video. Thought you should know.

Ted Sun says:

This kind of woodwork originates from China

Zoes Dada says:

I can't believe anyone would take this beautiful furniture and turn it into that ugly, "contemporary" garbage.

Morita Sari says:

Take that Ikea…lol

Solar Beam says:

Amazing — Sugoi

jasneskis says:

Great videos, but much better if sound worked.

zpetar says:

In this time of buying new model of phone every few months just because there is new model on market this is something to be really proud to have and pass on to next generation.

Timeless beauty

Louis Reilly-Willhight says:

i love that the sound is messed

Armin Webster says:

The sound keeps cutting in and out, making it hard to follow the theme. Please fix the sound and the video would be more interesting and easier to follow.

AborrensPappa says:

I really like your shows but frustrated by unsynced sound – please please find a cure!

Strange Charm says:

Did you buy 90s stock video?

Spotted owl Power in darkness says:

Despite the retard doing the narration and commentary, traditional Japanese woodowork is the shiznit-o-bam-snappy!!

Spotted owl Power in darkness says:

mortice & tennon ? its a dovetail dumbass

patrick williams says:

I hear so much jealousy from other cultures. The point is that's japan had no restraining tech coming from religion during it's mediveal times. Not like in europe or in arabic countries. Hopefully french revolution changed things in europe. Some people in arabic countries still are convinced that computers or books come from the demon… We sure know why japanese won't allow islam on their lands lol…

Jim Ellison says:


Ed ? says:

fix the sound tiger

TheChipmunk2008 says:

11.45 ish 'yes it is fun'

THAT is what makes a craftsman, in any culture. The Japanese have just taken this to an impressive extreme 🙂

astralseeker says:

The beauty in this video is simply incredible

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