Building a wooden box

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Building a milk-crate inspired wooden box


Troll Guy says:

It's only illegal to use the ones that belong to a Dairy. You can totally just buy them.

Jeremy Buehler says:

This is the first Matthias Wandel video I watched, when it was new. My how time flies and how far you've gone! Keep it up.

broccolihart71 says:

Still one of the best to ever do it…thanks Matthias…ive built one of your saw horses that is STILL standing strong.

Ian Vicedomini says:

Another enjoyable video

Bob Ross says:

The most efficient woodworker

General SherMAN says:

still amazing

Taite Lennox says:

i think the voiceover gave me cancer

Natarajan Sugumar says:

Super work. Wonderful demo to see. Wow.


Hello Matthias, with your skills can built a eletric or traditional ULTRA-LIGHT PLANE, you can join with another experts, will not be hard for you, theres good projects in net.

Medicine Man says:

excellent tutorial on why people steal milk crates…

David Myers says:

I would have made a dado into the bottom sides and put the plywood in that way or create a rabbit on the inside for the plywood to sit in.  It would be stronger than gluing it to the bottom and adding screws.  Also, all of that nice wood work and then ruin it with screws on the bottom?

Greg Bungard says:

Love it, Thank U !!

kimberlie hef says:

great video. I learned something!

angelo bonavera says:

Do you have any advice for gluing box joints? Removing the glue on the insides of the corners is a real hassle.

Sir Lance Goodthrust says:

What amazing workmanship – I'm still figuring out how to unpack my router…

Ramon Gutierrez says:

Matthias, I could not pull myself away from the screen and watched the full extent of your video in utter amazement (I even caught myself with my mouth open) … yes I agree with other comments that the box took a lot of effort, time and tools, custom jigs to make… but that thing isn't just a box… its a work of art. "The devil is in the details" Matthias, I can appreciate a person that takes the time to to detail and with great care / utilize such a high quality of craftsmanship… even if it is a storage box…. Im going to have to re-watch and pause this video several times just to understand how most of your jigs function, those custom tools/jigs blew my mind, utter f***ing genius.

dwoodog says:

Really cool.

Ryan Anderson says:

This is undoubtedly the best woodworking book I have ever read, “pepe amazing plan” (Google it). The text is easy to read and also the photos and drawings outstanding. I consider this book a "must have" because it supplies a broad range of information on just about everything coping with wood working and does it very well.

Matthew Miskiewicz says:

Every. Single. Video. Amazes me.

Mark Jacobsen says:

I just read some of the disparaging remarks. I personally love this video and the idea of doing very complex things to produce a simple product. It's the journey, man! Interesting as always. Thank you, Matthias!

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