Building Drawers with Dado Joints – WOOD magazine WWW15

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Learn how to build a basic cabinet drawer using the Dado and Rabbet construction technique. This breakout feature comes from WOOD magazine’s Weekend With WOOD 2015 class, featuring John Olson.

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Lee Fuller says:

It appears you are talking to the camera man and not the audience who took the time to click on your video. Also, all of the drawer parts had been previously cut and the video began with no intro of who you are. I will not be stopping by any more . I prefer the instructor to look at me while speaking.

2010stoof says:

Seems all out of order. Video started with alot done. Then tries to backwards explain. Start to finish is best for me. Kind of confusing for a noobie
Beautiful craftsmanship

Joseph Semper says:

Great teaching!

Robs Woodshop says:

Great video, thanks.

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