Heart Keyed Field Joints – Joint of the Week

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This weeks woodworking joint is Heart Keyed Field Joints. It’s an inventive tackle a utilitarian joint utilized in furnishings and field making. It simply as simple as making a field joint with one further step. Let me know within the feedback what joint you’d wish to see subsequent week. Thanks for watching! Please like, remark and subscribe. Cheers!
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Katz-Moses Woodworking Shop says:

Fyi I highly suggest making your own box joint jig before buying the one I have. I use it maybe once a year and have always regretted spending that much money on a tool I use so rarely. I linked a video by David Piccuito on how to make a simple box joint and they really are super easy to make. That's my 2 cents. Take it or leave it. If you want to check it out on Amazon here is the link: https://amzn.to/2zWvIr5

Bret O'Keefe says:

Could you show someone like myself, that wouldn't build box joints often, how to retro fit a table saw sled into a box joints jig? Thanks a lot, keep it up

Bill Davis says:

Thumzup 281!

Double Dare Fan says:

Instead of a coping saw, I would have done a few passes on the table saw.

Wm. Walker Co. says:

Super cool joint! Your video style is really coming into its own! It looks like you have some help. Damn I'd love a second set of hands in the shop when filming.

StudioJLT says:

Great looking joint there. I don't even do flat work and I enjoy your joint videos.

rich hubert says:

Man you guys make it look so easy. I tried to make a jig and no luck. Was so ugly…. cried a little laughed alot.

Graham Parsons says:

Have to say thats a cool looking joint, it definately makes the timber pop when you use contrasting wood 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Jake Hanson says:

"dovetails are stronger" well you haven't seen my hand cut dovetails😂

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

I already like the look of box joints, but this looks amazing! Thanks for showing the technique!

russ sherwood says:

could you also do this with dove-tails? thank you for the videos,,have a blessed and safe day

Jack Bench Woodworking says:

Nice variation on a boring old box joint!

Seth Galitzer says:

I happen to think box joints look cool. This is a really interesting mod of the typical application, kindof like variable-spaced dovetails. Thanks for sharing!

Doing it With jason says:

Love to see a backrolled joint! Great video!!

joe obrien says:

Double thick finger +caw kerf=well executed box.

Jereme Newsom says:

Make the center joint a dovetail

Vincent Sanders says:

Is that jig for sale? Is it a kit.Do you have a video on how to make that jig?

boyscout419 says:

On the other hand, I also spent a bunch of money on the Incra jig, and have used it a lot where it did pay off for me! Especially on the four large boxes that were 18" tall with half-inch pins. The jig made it very easy for someone who never had done box jigs before! Great video, by the way!

SE Collectiv says:

Yet another great joint video! How would you go about calculating how to put multiple of the larger keys in? For example if you were going to be making a blanket chest

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