Frank Klausz’ Water-tight Joint

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Learn the family secret of Frank Klausz’s wood water pond – the bottom is held on by nails, yet it doesn’t leak! For more expert joinery instruction from Frank, get his “Joinery Master Class” video, with more than 7 hours of instruction:


joel fildes says:

That is genius ! And..made my day.

Brandywine6969 says:

Thank you for leaking your grandpa's secret. Great work!

diowk says:

i dont get this at all….. how does an indentation create a gasket and why would you plane it off after you make it? makes no sense to me…..

Old Man from Scene Twenty Four says:

Grand Pa was a genius! Thank you for teaching us.

Philip Tecza says:

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely am enthralled with what you do Frank. Id like to take a moment to thank whoever was kind enough to introduce this man to the internet and helped create these videos. They'll serve on for years and inspire so many people

Andrei Rînea says:

Ingenious indeed!

Michael Hoyer says:

Love it. Thanks!

Nichole Lee says:

Can someone explain how this works exactly? He never explained what the reasoning was for the technique……no doubt in my mind that it works just curious as to what's going on.

kimchee94112 says:

Why not make two lines of indentation?

TheHumbleApprentice says:

I like the picture in your tool cabinet. The floor scrapers. Beautiful painting. Your work is outstanding.

catey62 says:

thank you for that. when I first saw you doing it I remembered something a teacher did in a plastics class at school back in the 70's along the same lines.heated a small sheet of acrylic plastic in the oven. then sat a house key on it, and while it was still soft clamped it tightly between 2 boards in a vice to leave an impression of the key in the plastic. after it cooled he then proceeded to sand the plastic till the impression of the key disappeared completely. after that he put the plastic back in the oven to heat it up again.lo and behold like magic a perfect reproduction of the key rose up like magic out of the flat sheet of plastic after a few minutes.all of the students in my class were amazed. this is along the exact same lines. thank you for sharing. and I'm sure your Grandfather wouldnt mind you sharing it with us. 🙂

BloxygenBoy says:

MOST excellent. Thank you Mr. Klausz.

Tim Tucker says:

Thanks Frank! You are a gem for sharing such an interesting and clever technique.

Alfredo Isaac says:

Just before watching this video I saw the sharpening one and I thought you had a metal pond inside the wooden one, never imagined it was just wood, I think your grandpa is very proud of you and he is happy about you sharing his knowlege, thank you for the video (although I will never even try to make a wooden pond, it´s way out of my reach)

Tyy Daymon says:

Your a master woodworker and from what I can tell an even better person. I could not get an Apprenticeship I’m self taught except for what I read and u-tube every time I watch you I learn and gain a story or two…tnx so very much

יוחאי מנחם says:

Uhhh the sound of that plane just gliding through the wood :))))

Dries van Oosten says:

That is a phenomenal trick!

mirk woodking says:

I wish i had a grampa like him

Robert Brunston says:

Very good! Thank you.

John Humphrey says:

That's slicker than snot on a doorknob!

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