FTF # 53 Woodworking, How To Glue Lengthy Miter Joints

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I do not at all times glue up lengthy miters however after I do, I do it like a BOSS! Listed below are a pair tricks to make your miter joints look flawless!

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Dee Holman says:

OK, officially you are very funny and great to watch. So I bumped into your video because I have a very heavy framed print where the mitered corners have come apart. I took it off the wall so it would not fall in the middle of the night and scare me to death! And now I really want to know how to do the next best thing. Do I take it to a professional to repair or do I repair the mitered corners myself? Important because this framed print is expensive and I want it to be flawless as you said in your video. What do you think? Ps. I liked the "Iron" quote. Why are peeps so uptight these days?

glyn hodges says:

Is this bloke brilliant? Why yes, he told me so himself and said that he cared not who knew it.

Adam Rohde says:

You forgot the second part of the scripture!!! Good thing you are a woodworker and not a preacher 😉 As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. You kinda implied it…But still…doesn't matter….you are a hell of a woodworker and you are funny.

Shannon Amend says:

All of my woodworks I made with woodprix. Google woodprix and start your project.

Cheryl Van Epps says:

thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Just what I needed for my project- building up my molding! but better woodworking lady.

Gingras Lacy says:

The best thing I've found on the net was plans from Stodoys.

Marc Wilson says:

You sound just like Owen Wilson! How is that possible when you’re from different countries?

Griffin Alford says:

I know that painter's tape is not cheap. Would there be any advantage / disadvantage to using a small 3" roll of packing stretch wrap to hold it?

David Willhoite says:

Being a religious man myself, I fully appreciate your lil tidbits of God and verse in your show. Those who dont, can simply not watch…

X Folium says:

I really enjoy your videos, I even have my wife looking at them! Please keep them coming. I used to look at Casey Neiatat but I feel I'm to old for his daily stupidity. Rather laugh and learn! By the way I was learning the be a carpenter at the age of 16, falling from scaffolding that failed on to a baile of bricks swayed me. I still enjoy building and making things with my hands. I am a Jeweler now with 35 year of experience in special orders. Keep up the great work!!!!

RuneChaos1.01 says:

i want the totem polls!

Matthew Burke says:

what do you think about ripping a piece to size to fit on the inside, to clamp onto?

scott 1911man says:

Total Homo Samurai

ryanern18 says:

The overlapping corner joints on that cabinet behind you was the inspiration I needed for the bar I'm planning in my basement.  Modern lodge style so that is a really cool play off of a log cabin.

Thomas Russell says:

for that piece, why not just cut that moulding out of a single piece? rabbet the inside corner and route the ogee?

lueefour says:

Get up and get into my shop, too bad I don't have one.

ddruff says:

I often find myself interested by your jacket. I can see that it's Carharrt, any idea of the nameof the model….or a link. It's so well worn ad faded, i'd love one-
Any one help? Samurai?

Achelon says:

Western culture has been shaped by the bible and people trash it? When someone quotes something from the odysseia does people go whining about it? Grow up people and start thinking with your own brain, don't be offended by someones opinions.

euan cameron says:

If you havent looked in the mirror in 3 days. How are you clean shaven? mighty samurai skills 🙂

Hansie Janse van Rensburg says:

Hi man. Thanks for the tip. I will most definitely make use of it. Please make a video showing the completed project from the steps you made. Peace Hansie RSA.

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