Hanok, woodworking joints in classical Korean structure. half 5. board joint [Hanok.한옥]

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Hanok [ Korean classical traditional house, architecture]
#woodworking #board #joinery

Korean woodworking reference collection
Quantity 1: woodworking joints
half 1: tenon splice
half 2: lap splice
half three: tenon joint
half four: mitre joint
half 5: board joint

1) 반턱쪽매. Flooring lap joint
2) 빗쪽매. Flooring scarf joint
three) 오늬쪽매. Flooring nock joint
four) 제혀쪽매. Groove and tongued joint
5) 딴혀쪽매. Tongu-in-groove joint
6) 양제혀쪽매. Double groove and tongued joint
7) 턱제혀쪽매. Stepped groove and tongued joint
eight) 나비장쪽매. Butterfly key flooring joint
9) 거멀띠장쪽매. Dovetailed batten board joint
10) 틈막이대쪽매. Rebated butt board joint
11) 은살대꽂이. Spline bolstered board joint

cf. 전통 목조건축 결구법(Joints of Conventional Wood Structure)

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