How To Construct Easy Drawers // Woodworking // Kerfmaker

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Final week I confirmed how I made a Kerfmaker jig. I made it to assist me construct some drawers, so on this video I am going to present how I exploit it to make these drawers.

Jon Peters Drawer video –

Extra Data on these Drawers –


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Kyle Veatch says:

I'm pretty sure the only reason she made this video was to see how many times she can say "drawer" on camera

Ken Fitzpatrick says:

Nice video. Clear directions especially the kerf maker. Thanks for sharing.

the hobbyist says:

Confession…I didn't need a lesson on making drawers I watched just to hear her pronounce the word! I love how you say it! Great lesson and build though! Thanks for sharing.

Adventure Roads Motorcycle Magazine says:

After the stupid comments in the last video about your accent, this is the perfect Follow Up for them. Keep up the great work!

I Enjoy Creating Videos says:

Great video Tamar! the drawers look good' Thanks for sharing the video.👍😎JP

northhand says:

Looking good. Sound and solid. Nice to see the kerf maker at work too. I know ive said this a million times but using brass in your work looks great even tho you cant see it in this instance😁. Looking forward to seeing the completed job. Your videos are always a great watch. John

philthy cat 1 says:

Ps Rabbet not rabbit = rebate = rabbet

Eme SantosH Creations says:

Great video as always! I love your channel, you are very inspirational, you motivate people to get up make something. I'm a DIYer. Thank you for sharing your videos.
From Dominican Republic
EmesantosH (^_^)

Limbert Pereyra Villacorta says:

you're the best

Steven Vishoot says:

Tamar you forgot one thing…Just look at other posting I have done to you for what I am talking about.

martintoyejr says:

Great video! Question, is there a reason why the back seems to be inset a bit?

Robert Amaro says:

Your awsome . Geat work

bryan greifinger says:

Great job !!

tinkerer4 says:

Once again, awesome build. For my own curiosity, was there a reason you chose to use the table saw for the dados and rabbets instead of the router?

Carl4193 says:

" The Draw" ?, are you from new york ? or where are you from ?

MWA Woodworks says:

Im sorry, build what now? LOL (I kid, I kid)

Christine Cahill says:

Hi Tamar, great lil video. I'm really very surprised how many people commented on your pronunciation of "drawer" I'm guessing they never spoke with a long islander they need to get out more often. Keep the hits coming!

Keith Comer says:

Love your accent……maybe you should do a tips and tricks type video to help all of us that hate MATH!!!!!!……I love woodworking, but damn it gives me a headache sometimes.

Ram Iyer says:

Tamar, You are a blessing, I did scavenge through John Peter's draw making videos to fish out the one you were referring to in an earlier video, He has quite a few, but this one of your's tells me exactly what I need to, I need a lot of hand holding at each and every step as I am trying to get into woodworking, This one of your's does just that. Thanks a million.

samy elbadawy says:


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