How to cut Dovetail Joints by Hand

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From New Book ‘The Complete Guide to Joint Making’ by John Bullar
Dovetails are the furniture maker’s number one joint. They look good and function incredibly well — the survival of dovetail joints in heavily used furniture made centuries ago, confirms this. Cutting dovetails is a skill you can quickly learn with good instructions and a bit of practice.


Dallas Wesley says:

Lol love it. Straight up dovetails no BS. Right on the verge of comedy except the things turned out great! That's true skill and talent. Hat's off to you, sir! Subscribed and will be watching. Thanks again!

Harry Davis says:

Very impressive work. Real craftsmanship.

Peter Jr says:

Wow this is very satisfying to watch

JohnPaul Dicks says:

If you are new to cutting dovetails … be prepared to make lots of practice cuts before working on a real piece … this method takes significant skill. Very impressive to watch a master craftsman at work.

barry8082 says:

great skill and very well presented. Thank you

Walter G says:

Are your other books, Cabinet Making & Furniture Making, out of print? I only see used copies on

Richard Stardust says:

Hallo John, i got you're book 'the complete guide to jointmaking' afther seeing you're Videos,and it's superb. Would be great if you would do some more videos, Greetings from Holland.

_Jose Efrain _ says:

Dude Thanks ! Total Life Saver , I've been looking and looking and this vid helped me a whole lot !

Kevin Boke says:

not bad for your first try…
I joke, you are quite skilled and well practiced I would say

Admiral Wolverine Lightningbolt says:

Perfect instructional video

Clinton Gibson says:

Do you feel that the angle of the dovetail isn't important? I feel like it's a bit hard for beginners to understand why you choose to tilt the saw the way you do if they don't have a concept of what sort of angle they should be shooting for.

István Károly Farkas says:

What was the small saw called? I did not quite catch its name.

Jay N says:

You are surgical with that saw

Saverio Liberatori says:


DrNigelRamses says:

I'm just curious, how long did it take for you – or anyone else reading this comment – to learn to do these well? So far, I have a pile of trapezoidal, blood stained wood chips and one joint that falls apart if looked at. Thank you for making this video.

Google User says:

im missing something you said nothimg about degrees.just slight.slant. i like the are narrating i.hate music or sped.up stuff on.important parts of technique. i like the way you cut all par. angles at the same time. kutgw. keep up the good work.

Briar Fox says:

When you marked the pin board with the knife, did you split the knife mark with the saw? Or did you cut close to it on the waste side?

Sabrina Williams says:

Very nice work!

Dave Goff says:

What is the tool you used to mark the wood called and where would i be able to buy one please John

Алим Хапов says:


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