Easy methods to Make Finger Joints on the Desk Noticed // Field Joint // Joinery // Woodworking How To

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Tremendous easy finger joint jig utilizing a single blade on the desk noticed, no dado stack required!

Extra Particulars on my Web site – https://www.3x3custom.com/tutorials/finger-joint-jig


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Enjoyed the video I'm definitely going to save up and get a flat top blade then make this jig thanks for sharing your work Tamar

Studio no 1 says:

Hi Can you tell me the make and model of your table saw please

I Can Build it says:

Can you get a dado blade for your table saw

StuffUCanMake says:

This is awesome!!

Mountain Man63 says:

LOL, I can understand that!
I'm curious, is there a set of plans to make the "thin ripping jig" or a video of it you making it? Also, are there downloadable plans for the making this Box/Finger joint jig?

On a side note, is there a way to contact you outside of YouTube? I have a couple questions that I believe you would be a good person to ask!

Robert Evans says:

That click at the beginning said everything….👍have a great weekend…

violão-uai says:

Encaixe perfeito !!!!

Paul says:

Great video

Альберт Минязов says:

Отличная работа..👍молодец Тамара…

Ahmed orabi says:

Great job..thanks for sharing

Chem Cody says:

Nicely done Tamar. I like the K.I.S.S. method and use it whenever possible.

Tim G says:

A great video. My Grandfather taught me this acronym many years ago. KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid, which means the simpler the better and easier to use.

Jim Flammer says:

Nice, simple jig.


Nice work. I just had to do a jig just like that for a table.

Ed Kramer says:

Awesome as always Tamar. 👍👍

Daemon 666 says:

Simple and easy to make, excellent video.

Mac n Wood says:

I love how you say drawers! 😉 “draws” I LOVE IT! I’m Canadian so I get made fun of all the time with how I say things! Lol. Awesome vid by the way!

Alexander Travis says:

I made a similar jig for box joints from a WW for MM video a few months ago. It worked…sort of…but after the first few fingers there was some drift where the fingers furthest from where I started the cuts were increasingly far off from each other. I ended up ripping the whole board and half and making my project half as wide as I intended and the joint fit, but I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out how this could have happened. My best theory is that the bit of the blade's teeth that stick out added to the spacing between the blade and the stop on the jig and that tiny amount added to each cut until the fingers didn't fit? Wondering if you've had any issues with drift like this?

Love your videos, discovered your stuff recently and you're already one of my favorite woodworkers.

Sameh Raheb says:

Nice work 👌👌

I Enjoy Creating Videos says:

Nice work on the finger joints jig Tamar! Thank you for sharing the video with us.👍😎JP

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