Find out how to QUICKLY flute your individual dowels for woodworking joints.

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Headknocker says:

Stop giving away my trade secrets James/Stumpy.. This is one of the only ways to insure that the glue travels the length of the hole & the dowel.. I just did up a dozen in some bolt on guitar neck attachment holes & peared them off with a razor sharp chisel afterwards & they are now ready to be re-attached to their bodies.. I also made up an 1 degree angeled shim via the CA glue & masking tape trick & a #4 plane.. Gary/Hk

141poolplayer says:

Great tip, I feel like a complete retard for not coming up with this idea on my own. It's so simple and obvious.

Hudson says:

Lol the ad was longer than the video

Gary Cooper says:

Maybe it would be even faster to flute a whole dowel before you cut the pegs to length?

Bruce Lee says:

My grandfather used to flute dowels with a simple jig – just a small piece of 1x stock with a hole the same size as the dowel and a nail knocked in just enough that the point was exposed. Then you just push the dowel through was often as you want to score the grooves, then cut off individual pieces as needed. At one time around here all dowels much less than 3/4 came with a deep flute down one side to stop 'glue lock' popping the dowel back out of the hole. (Or as has happened to me – blowing a chunk out of the side of the wood at the bottom of the hole).

Don Finch says:

used to run a saw cut down the dowel, but this is the way to go!!

Ethan Bryan says:

I was just doing this on a project last night and thinking it would be a good YouTube tip. Then I see this in my feed tonight…..weird.

ofwoden says:

I'm not flexible enough to flute my own dowel.

Tony Carita says:

I did this same thing about a month ago. I never thought to share this idea … Glad you did!
It work well for me!

Adam Pierce says:

Forget about wooden dowels and use steel dowels, common;y known as screws, especially by using the Kregg system.

Al Perger says:

Been doing this for years,squeeze the lower end of the dowel with the pliers and tap it through with a hammer….fluted.

martino amello says:

Nice tip. I usually spiral cut mine with the scroll saw. Typically if I cut several I'll start out with a nice long dowel rod and just run it down the scroll blade while twisting it then trim them to fit..Works like a charm.

William says:

It's a great tip but I didn't even need to watch the video to get because the thumbnail says it all.

osgeld says:

good tip, I never thought of doing that, and once the glue soaks in, like the commercial ones, the compressed fibers will swell back out and make a good solid fit

Terry Worthy says:

I use a lot of beadlock joinery, how would you flute those?

Gary Cooper says:

Cool idea. I'm guessing it's easier with soft woods than hard woods?

David Bishop a.k.a. 1EYE WOODY says:

Rooty tooty nice and flutey

Eric McMahon says:

This is a total DUH! moment for me. I have been trying so many different ways to flute dowels and this is so much better than anything I have come up with. Great tip, thanks!

Path in AZ says:

Good idea. I wonder if rolling over the dowel with good pressure from a file, rasp or something like that would work as well..

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