Make a Dovetail Field in 12 Minutes — WOOD journal

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By means of dovetail joints are as stunning as they’re sturdy, and work nice for all types of casework, together with drawers. On this video, WOOD journal’s Bob Hunter reveals tips on how to make a dovetail field in simply 12 minutes from begin to end utilizing a template and a router desk.

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GoldenDragons says:

The jig mentioned is not available on Amazon at this time 25 Mar 2019

Naime Bond says:

He forgot to mention the 12 mintues starts after the $3,500 check for all that machinery clears and you spend 12 years learning how to master it.

supermelodia says:

Don't you love those machines, such a breeze. Except the dust in the air.

supermelodia says:

And I am not even IT woodpecker and what I am doing here. But I like seeing man job stuff. Hey you don't use mask? If you do, which type brand you use for sawdust.

Michael Jones says:

Awesome. Looks great. I am looking at a 30mm thickness but would love to know where I could get this jig if it can do thicker wood.

J J says:

Oooh fancy. Aprons make everyone look like they know what they’re doing. I still prefer to cut my dovetails by hand (no measuring). If you’re going to spend the money on gear like this you might as well order a pre-made box from amazon and tell everyone you made it.

Jayjayef says:

This is all well and good if you you have all the necessary tools to start with.

sofiane ben hadj says:

very very very good job

Guitarcentral0 says:

"Just make a quick line acrossT"

Rick Ammon says:

WOW, I am shocked and dismayed by the number of negative comments. If the people making all the negative comments are such experts then why are you here? Or, if the people watching want to learn then quit complaining that he used a template when he told you up front that this video is about making dovetail joints using a template and a router.

DIY Handcrafter says:

Thanks for sharing

Tom Baker says:

What happens with thinner wood and the bearing is below the jig and table top?

Paddy Cooper says:

The time it would take me to buy a jig and other tools it would take me six months to cut those joints

Joe Brikha says:

You blew my f'n ears off with your intro blast. Ridiculous use of audio effects.

Katie Wasson says:

Can you provide some details about the wood top of the Keller jig? I'd like to have mine set up the way that it is shown in the video.

707SonomaComa says:

Wow, so the Dove Tail gets pushed into a straight cut?
I thought they are both supposed to be a Dove Tail cut. What's up with that?

mike jones says:

What brand of jig do you recommend? I am a novice woodworker but do want to make numerous projects that would look great with dovetail joints!

Ron DiSanto says:

thank you for making the video.

Ken Shores says:

Enjoyed watching. I learned new techniques. Thanks

Jeffrey Lombardo says:

You no unplug router when change bit!? You dangerous! But I just stupid hydenii. You know more.

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