Make a Self Centering Mortise Jig for Floating Mortise and Tenon Joints

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A vital a part of woodworking is making wooden joints and among the many hottest is the mortise and tenon joinery, which could be made by hand, by woodworking machine and with quite a lot of jigs, similar to this straightforward to make, self centering jig for the wooden router, which provides good constant outcomes and could be tailored for quite a lot of wooden joint conditions.

7 in 1 Router Jig:
Tenon Jig for the Desk Noticed:
Mortising Jig for the Router:

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jcrm05 says:

Excellent jig!

Lucas Moreno says:

7:14 careful using you vice, it has a lot of movement

davood khalilzadeh says:

Hi Thanks, Master, it was an interesting idea👍

telosfd says:

Bravo, that i was thinking last night. Nice job.

Holt Mansfield says:

What an incredibly simple version of this jig. I love it. I can also imagine it would be really stable if you're strictly plunge cutting with it.

nasser d says:

Sometimes I have to fit intumescent strips to fire doors, instead of frames ( example because frames are antique oak frames). This would be brilliant for that. Gonna make something similar for my trim router. Thank you for a brilliant idea

Ajit Singh says:

That's pretty cool 🏂

Dark Delta says:

I don't use them often but transfer punches are a great thing have in your shop.

Julian Elliott says:

That's an excellent and simple idea! As a suggested enhancement, perhaps you could make the base round, to allow you to use stop blocks to control the cut – however you rotate the router, the distance to the stops would then remain the same.

livewiya says:

Don't say Domino don't say Domino don't say Domino

Richard Rider says:

Great again, and thanks Colin…cheers…rr Normandy, FRa

Ebrahim Al Murbati says:

Nice and perfect idea ,, thank you so much.

Bear Creek Woodworking says:

Very Cool Jig!

Merto The 1st. says:

So what would you do if you wanted the mortise closer to the end of the material, like say for a rail on a table?

sofiane ben hadj says:

very very very good job

Bruce Peter says:

what a quick simple solution / fix / use for the router and base Thanks Colin

moises luna says:

Nice idea, espero esté bien escrito. Gracias por compartir tu conocimiento. Tks,, from México.

Avi Karmon says:

Great idea. BTW, are you aware that the volume of the last two videos is low ?

Bram the Wadesmill woodturner says:

Another brilliant little jig. Thanks Colin
Cheers, Bram

Jerry Johnson II says:

Very Cool Sir an thanks for the knowledge

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