Making a e book case joined with dowels

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Utilizing reclaimed lumber to make a bookase. Joinery finished largely with dowels and a selfmade doweling jig.


Guillermo Buelna Araujo says:

Very nice bookcase Thanks for share Best regards from Sinaloa, Mx

Ron H says:

Very nice job Matthias. You had some excellent tips and a great way to “upcycle”. What brand tablesaw do you have in the video and what brand of fence is on it? I am looking to upgrade my saw and don’t mind a good used one and I liked the fence.
I built a bookcase for my granddaughter about 15 years ago. I too had to figure a way to do the flat side of the vertical plywood for each shelf. I used my dowel max and cut across the vertical plywood board and made a spacer the same thickness of the plywood. I used turners tape to locate and secure the spacer and clamped my dowelmax to the spacer. Then instead of using glue to hold the dowels I used pocket screws to hold the shelves in place. I also used 3 or 4 pocket screws and dowels across the back of each shelf to hold it in place to the 3/4” back of the bookcase. Same thing for the base and top. I also used some washer head pocket screws on the top to go into the studs as when she was younger she liked to climb. I wanted it to be knock down furniture so she could move it herself which is what she wanted. She helped build it and finish it. She has moved it to 2 different colleges, 2 apartments and it was recently moved to her second house. It still looks and functions great.
There is no right or wrong way to build something like that. Everyone does things differently and with tools and materials you can afford or have on hand. And pocket screws have their place. If a pocket hole strips out I taught her how to take some superglue and a tooth pick and drop a little sawdust into the hole and swirl it around, let it dry and screw the pocket hole screw in and they always hold.

Aleks Morozov says:

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Paul Durae Duncan says:

You finally caved to the Pocket hole…it has it place…lol

claybear000 says:

Yes, hell has frozen.

Cal L says:

Wandel is a really odd fella, but I really like this guy!!! There are so many more modern choices in aesthetics than 70's oak!!! But not only does it make it, he made it tough enough so support the house in case of an earthquake.

Vladimir Georgiev says:

I wonder how you find time for all that with a baby just born.

anassi univers says:

good job mat

phililpb says:

I love the dowel depth stop on the drill

Ned says:

Nice work. I just bought a dowelling jig but I wish I had room for the likes of what you have.

Tonys 4WD Channel says:

Thanks for the tip (backward scoring trick).
Its a shame you advocate to everyone (via your video), that its OK to use a table saw without a riving-knife, over head guard and anti-kick back.
Why risk your fingers ???

Toney Stevens says:

A corded drill? Can you still buy those?

Guido Oballe Galecio says:

Gracias maestro por sus enseñanzas un saludo desde Perú

KeepItReal says:

Excellent work but you really should have a Riving Knife on the Circular to prevent kick back !

MayTheLightBeWithYou says:

Why not just use unglued dowels for alignment and load strength and then use pocket holes to hold it all together, no rush with glue setting that way

bighands69 says:

Pocket holes are perfect fine in the right spot.

sdas sadasdasda says:

Pretty sick

勝間豊次 says:

What is the name of the machine used on 6:47? How do you call it?

khalid WHT says:

it's a good job

Israel Clareti Soares says:

Parabéns Mathias Wandel pelo trabalho e máquinas feita de madeira acompanho seu canal.

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