Making a Field With Splined Miter Joints

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On this video I’m making a easy field in plywood and walnut with splined miter joints.

First I cust some strips in plywood then I exploit my guillotine miter cutter which is definitely for making frames however it’s also good for making small to medium sized bins too. And better of all, it’s very mud free.

When I’ve reduce the 4 facet sheets with the guillotine cutter I merely make a groove within the plywood sheets on the desk noticed. That is for inserting the underside plate.

As soon as the field is all glued up and dry I make the lid which merely is a plywood sheet as nicely. I reduce it to the scale of the field however I need to make the sides a bit of prettier so I reduce in skinny walnut strips on the desk noticed.

I’m going to attach the strips on the lid edges however I want to chop the lid a bit of smaller to make it match completely. That is achieved by adjusting the desk noticed to the width of the strips after which trim the 4 sides on the lid.

Now I can glue the strips to the sting of the lid and the it’s achieved.

I’m utilizing a 45 diploma jig and make the spline cuts on the field. The subsequent step is to attach the splines and trim them with a flush trim router bit.

Now I can connect the hinges and do a fast flush trim across the lid to make it match the field completely.

Remaining step is to perform a little sanding and spray on some spray varnish. When the varnish is dry I merely use som paper to rub out mud and knots within the varnish.


Ron Davis says:

Anything done in the fast video mode is JUNK

Nicowit 889 says:

Oh bloody hell I though he was gonna cut his hand off at 1.07

Joltin Joe says:

Thank you for such an excellent simplified video on how to do this. A little bit of an off question, but I’m taking a survey of all kinds of makers. I’m on a quest to find out the best finishing method. I noticed you used a wax for this piece. Is this your preference? Just wanted to pick your brain about what you’ve tried and what you like for your pieces. You can also find me on IG and FB under Woodmoon Custom Creations ✌🏼

80RedRock says:

The guillotine cutter was cool, but the award for best use of a tool goes to the pencil eraser push stick. I am so using that one!

Chris B says:

Was that mitre cutting machine originally used by the Spanish Inquisition? It has given me nightmares….

Jacob DePoe says:

Good god…I need that machine! What is the name for that miter blade thingamajig??

CaesarTheCzar says:

Are those 1/2 inch plywood sheets you using?

Danny’s wood shop says:

What table saw u using there mate

tom ruth says:

I've always liked the look of a splined miter joint like that. I do find the operation at 2:33 to 2:35 makes me a little uneasy. You are good at free handing like that, but some people, just starting out, might have trouble, as the wood could become unstable at the end of the cut. Good that you use the push stick and not just your hand. I guess I would use a miter or your sled to help with that cut. But I do understand why you did it that way. Not trying to take anything away from your great video, just my 2 cents worth.

Martin Rønnow says:

Nice work. Subbed

Mike Miller says:

well… That is cheating 😛

Jordan Johnson says:

Nice box! I do find the video editing a bit irritating though. Almost all of the video is fast-forwarded, and in completely random spots it goes into slow-motion for a second. In my opinion at least have those random moments normal, real-life speed instead of slow motion, that would be tons of improvement.

Rubens says:

It may be a good video, but as soon as I start it and see a tool that I can't afford or that won't fit in my garage, I skip it. That's why I skipped this one, even though it seems to be of a nice project.

A Minha Bancada says:

nice%work, fantastic

قناة ماهر maher channel says:

instant like and subscribe. no annoying music like the rest. no excessive talk (we understand what we see) just great craftsmanship

N de Jong says:

hello Dieter, very well made. question, i have the same saw table ts254. what blade do you use with it??

Mike Crossley says:

Neat and tidy box👍

Dan Stephens says:

Beautiful box. You could make the inside really nice as well if you flocked it. I make bandsaw jewelry boxes and I always flock the inside of the drawers.

RealRuler2112 says:

Love the idea of using a flush trim bit for cutting down the splines – should help me in my present project! =)

One tip – when you're removing the glue squeeze out from the inside corners, use a drinking straw. The plastic conforms to the wood and the glue slides inside, so there's no staining of your wood.

James Nelson says:

What did you just discover the Slow-Mo on Adobe or something?

Word of advise…don't add a bunch of unnecessary slow-mo's…it's really annoying.

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