MLCS Woodworking How one can Use Lock Miter Router Bits

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MLCS Woodworking How one can Use Lock Miter Router Bits. Make frames, bins, proper angle and parallel angle joints.

2 flute, carbide tipped. To affix supplies at 90° by slicing a 45° miter and an ideal matching tongue & groove glue joint. This joint not solely will increase mechanical power, but in addition will increase glue floor space and routinely aligns components.


Ehud Gavron says:

Oh my GOD you put me to sleep after three minutes. If you can't explain something as simple as a freaking locking miter cut without droning on for ages, PLEASE don't.

Kevin Richardson says:

What a feck on

Magnum golcan says:

wll, i need de piece pattern 9751, where can I buy it?

Xawery Trąbka says:

the process is to long…

Eyupcan Yiğit says:

This is my new favorite trim router…… and I use a lot of routers.>>> Smooth, quiet, and nice feel. I also prefer round base trimmers

Diego Marquez says:

Hello there, I’m looking for suggestions on how to glue up strips of 1×1 together without making routers or joints, basically overlapping them at diff lengths to make 30-40inch square glue ups. Would you have any suggestions.?

Vasya Yatsenko says:

I've found great handbook on woodprix website. Good solutions for everyone I think.

William Wynn says:

Seems everyone is saying this thing is more trouble than it is worth. Trying to find some info. about this has proven to be difficult. I am guessing this is 1/2 sized. No blocks for set up. And no detailed, how to instructions. Like so many other things out there today it looks good on video. Screw with it long enough and it might work.

carpenter33 says:

Don't these things come with a set up block? If it doesn't it is useless.

soulless one says:

This must be directions for a vagina

rocky5230 says:

This won't work on 2 inch thick stock or will it. Plus where do you get the setup block

The President of The Internet says:

So really this should be called "how to use our set up block" as it gives you ZERO clue how to use one without it

Klaus Skrudland says:

That is horrendously complicated.

DocLuvin says:

Damn how much time do you need for all these bit changes!! Biscuit or shiplap, that's all you need!!!

gary24752 says:

background music is really annoying.

James Clements says:

This video is one of those useless videos that doesn't give you any strategy on what you are doing. Chances are, if you can understand these instructions, you don't need them. Ideally, the author would explain, beforehand, what we are going to do.

Andy1dude says:

This seems like an awful lot of effort per joint. What's the purpose of taping a piece of scrap to the work piece?

Estebansenseis says:

hello, please let me know the brand and where to buy the double side tape you are using on this video.
Amazon may be? Name?

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