Mortise and tenon!

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As a part of my present venture I’ve to do mortise and tenon joinery. I haven’t got a hole chisel mortiser but so I make them by hand.
This can be a fast and simple approach to make a precision joint.

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afri anto says:

Thanks for this video, it's so helpful

Joseph A says:

god be with you without tools good job you have the talent 🙂

Martin Shabalala says:

Very good work man

Владимир Путин says:

I made it about three weeks ago. On stodoys website I learned a lot about it. Check it mates.

Anatoliy Alvari says:

Hardcore! You can use router for making live simpler.

jose callard says:

Nice 👍 really 👍

marciefree says:

Awesome! Great job. I love doing things by hand as much as I can. It just feels a bit more rewarding. 😇😊❤️. Marcie xoxxxoo

Rails Life says:

How do you know how deep to drill into the mortise?

MySchizo Buddy says:

Post it in actual speed so we can see how much time you took doing just 2 of these joints.

OpiateTaylor39 says:

Man you chisel super fast…

Fish Rod says:

Great vid man. I am struggling with getting these right – they're tricky buggers

Aj says:

I give this video a thumbs down because he did show the wood being milled flat and straight.Without this step you will most likely make a frame with a twist.

Jordan Newsom says:

What are you making? Nice tutorial btw! I'm kinda new to woodworking and I have a project that this will come in handy with! Is a mortise and tenon joint good at bearing weight?

Eddie Espinosa says:

If you had a California air compressor it would eliminate all the noise when it kicks on, seriously, I have one and its great

The ABC Jug Band says:

Dude, that table saw is fancy equipment. So disappointing.

Wolfie565 says:

Hand saw , chisel and hammer and I will match that quality. May be not time but no fancy tools!

Paul Flores says:

The john doe's will always be critics of the same work you do. Even if it's PERFECT by all standards. John and jane doe, will always be there to knock your work, it's a universal weakness we humans have. keep posting my man👍

Greg Scott says:

Good video. Everyone else who thinks they are better than you will let you know.

These days, the tools you used are not "fancy". I have learned and will apply your methods with what I have. Thanks for the video.

Charles LaGreca says:

Good video but you don't have to show every cut or chisel tap. Just some sample shots would do.

Bill Diehl says:

Really liked this video. I'm always looking for new and different ways to do things in my shop. Thanks!

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