Mortise & Tenon Joinery with a Router

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Glen Huey teaches the easy steps to create a mortise and tenon joint utilizing a router. For extra info on joinery, go to:


Lori Koster says:

Very happy with>>> Works great. Really wish they sell it with the storage case

lady kenja says:

– Very clear, concise info. Thanx.

John Feldhausen says:

How do you set the depth of plunging down with this type of a router? How do you control how deep you’re going in?

Chopper Axon says:

As a newbie to a router and using power tools to make joints I found this very helpful, thanks

Bhanujeet Choudhary says:

I want to buy a plunge router. Any suggestions? My budget is $200

Panty Sniffer says:

Very simple and informative video doesn't need a fancy table saw..

James Smith says:

I was taught as a young man to say Sir or Mamm out of respect to someone older or wiser than myself. Well Sir you have shown me something that will aid me moving forward. This joint have been giving me trouble for a while. This was so important of a video. Thank you very much Sir.

Dave Lewis says:

I'am a rookie with not to many tools some excellent instruction Glen.

David says:

Great video Glen

George Ireton says:

I just want to sincerely thank you for this instruction. Yes there are several more complicated mortise jigs out there, but I am a rookie woodworker with limited resources. I happen to have a very specific application that screams for the use of this approach. Also, your friendly demeanor and easy manner makes it easy to pay attention. You rock my friend!

Brian Faircloth says:

Do you make these to sale? I sure do need one.

Bob Eagle says:

do a strength test on square mortise vs rounded.

jkar1973 says:


Icy Fountain says:

Great information Glen I'm going to try this on my door project.

Trevtao says:

Great Video . Thanks!

Dog Dayz says:

Why do you start cutting the tenon with a climb cut on the router? Why not cut the standard direction which seems safer? Also, you can use a scrap backing board when cutting the tenon to reduce or eliminate the tear out at the end of the cut.

TheHifzmaster says:

very good video

F Vids says:

I disagree with cutting your tenon narrower it will weaken the joint. Edge to edge is stronger just my opinion.

carpiland says:

great thank you so much

vic m. c says:

good work dude

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