Save Money & Learn To Love Dowel Joints Again

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In this video I show you how to make a dowel joint jig that aligns the dowel holes effortlessly. This jig can be made with a few scrap pieces found in your work shop.
The jig has two parts to it:

A) the T-part of the jig, which can be customized and made in a variety of sizes to accommodate different thicknesses.

B) The drill Press Base which allows you to clamp your workpiece with the T-Part so you can get perfectly straight holes drilled on the drill press.

This jig is versatile enough so that you can use the T-part of the jig independently with a portable drill for longer pieces. It is easy to align and square-up and only takes a few minutes to build. Dowel joints are some of the strongest joints you can make, especially if the penetration of the dowel is 1/2 inch or longer on either side. Learn to love dowel joints again and joint almost anything quickly and safely.

DISCLAIMER: My videos are for entertainment purposes only. Do not attempt to do anything that is shown in my videos. Woodworking and Metal Working are very dangerous activities and should only be performed by trained professionals.

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Eric Sorensen says:

Hi Folks! I wanted to put this video out there because I think dowel joints can be some of the strongest, easiest joints to make. You don't need special equipment to make the joint and the dowels can go as deep as you need them to.

Deanne Maria says:

Hi Derek, I love dowels. Why not make the jig holes slightly bigger and insert copper piping to fit each one? Jig will last longer.

Also, I love making my own jigs and agree with you about the plastic dowel jig. I had a Wolfcraft jig dowel master and although very good, I too encountered similar problems.

Subscribed to you today. Thanks for sharing. 😀

Chris Barbot says:

Hey Eric thank you for sharing you have helped me greatly. I'm 65 and have some medical issues that have forced me into retirement and I want to be a fair woodworker and your videos truly help. I wanted to buy a domino but just could not afford it so I'm hoping to master this and learn to have good skills in wood jointing. I wish I had time and could do it all over again but I guess we all say that. Again Thank you

redwood1957 says:

how right you are. Thank you

EL GATI says:


Gilles sophie says:

Always smart with you, and with cheap solutions. Thanks and greetings fron France

Jorge duarte says:

im going to make this jig, pretty simple and effective

Eduardo Portillo says:

Really cool jig! have bought one similar to that plastic one you show ans was really disapointing because is not better than do it with only neasurements and dowel markers, was already thinking about buying a buscuit joiner and now wil better do a jig like yours with some scraps. Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

WB Fine Woodworking says:

Interesting jig design. I used to use dowel joints a lot. Maybe I’ll revisit them.

David Letz says:

As a "newbie" i bought the Kreg pocket hole jig and used it quite a bit. Pretty easy to use. Pocket hole joinery is widely "pushed" on woodworking YouTube videos, at least IMHO. I am sure that's one reason you do not see dowels used too much.

Carl Brothers says:

I like the simplicity, and it looks like you could make a lot of different sizes and spacings. Without access to a drill press to keep things straight, a drill block should be used and then make it slightly oversized to fit a piece of pipe or other bushing material.

Sumo's Projects says:

Cottect you are, I’m enjoying these videos & will try both this & the floating tenon idea for myself, a refreshing channel 👍👍👍

Mario Muranaka says:

Congratulations, very good idea my friend, a big hug !

John Bell says:

My favorite type of wood joinery. Excellent video!

Wally Kellett says:

I wish I had seen your video before I bought a self centering dowel jig from Harbor Freight. Unlike your video it was a waste.

machudocajons says:

using dowels on my exoskeleton frames..

machudocajons says:

nice ideas.. easy to follow..thanks i just ordered some hdpe and a few threaded bushings to build a jig. will try this one first.. thanks

paulpaul1948 says:

Really enjoyed your video but now I have a bad case of fence envy. 0.32/4.32

Anthony Audain says:

Awesome job, thanks for sharing

Average Joe says:

I like it. Simple, easy.

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