Skillbuilder: Design for CNC Joinery

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Dogbones! T-Bones! Sniglets! If you’ve ever done any amount CNC design for wood joinery, you know that the rounded inside corners left behind by the router bit can be a struggle. But there are three different types of fillets you can use have them join up nice and square. Learn how to design them in this video.

Design for CNC:
T-Bone Photo by Natalia Lisovskaya
Music by _ensnare_


K Design says:

What is the software used ?

waterup380 says:

why not get a chisel or a tool for that problem

Risenga_Junior says:

Thumbs up dude, AWESOME staff

Mark Moran says:

Great video, but those are all fugly and incredibly inelegant. I went from electronics to CNC to traditional woodworking. CNC routers are amazing, fun machines, but they are not suited for joinery.

zHSVClubby says:

Who the fuck uses inches?

Sebastiaan Mollema says:

Thumbs up guys!

nexus01gr says:

Would the T-bone connection with a couple of split dowels filling the voids be considered "fine" woodworking? I wonder…

Harry Collins says:

I have just watched several of your videos and I quite enjoyed them, is it possible you could let me know what desktop lathe you use please? I am interested in what make it is, many thanks

Ev3thing says:

?!?!?'? Why not use a chisel, if you can afford a cnc-ruter you probably can afford one of the better chisels

Jeroen Cardienaal says:

does anyone know what drawing program he uses, i am looking for an easy 2D drawing program to work with and that one looks like a good one to start with.

josh mcgee says:

great video and now I really want the book

Gary Slovinsky says:

I have to admit, the last option looked the most interesting.

Quick Look n Teardown says:

I use laser cutter, and I don't have this problem…. but I have lot of other problems

Wolf Guard Miestwin says:

Watching those numbers on the caliper… damn. The imperial system is brain dead retarded.

Stuff With Kirby says:

Great video. It was nice and short and the fusion tutorial parts helped explain it.

Michael Hursh says:

if the wood is 1/2 or 3/4 if you are making a pocket where another piece doesnot have to through, make the holes -1/16 deep. the exposed hole will not show. makes a clean look.

Yann Kitson says:

You can fill to "holes" with an epoxy fillet and create structural joints… like those used in boat building.

norm1124 says:

What about clamping the board vertikcal instead of horizontal? This may fix several cases.

ManCraftingTM says:

Great info. I haven't ventured into the joinery like this yet, mostly because I haven't needed to for any of my projects, but I am sure it will come up.

IgnoreMyChan says:

Would a work around be to change the tool to a smaller one afterwards to do the details in the corners?

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