Theo Prepare dinner's "not possible" Japanese dawn dovetail!

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In subject 95 of Wooden Assessment journal, UK grasp craftsman Theo Prepare dinner writes about laying and chopping complicated Japanese dawn dovetails. Diagrams and step-by-step pictures present among the important methods to reaching the accuracy required. This story and lots of extra are within the June subject of the journal, out now. See for particulars on buying digital or print copies of the journal.


Михаил Шестаков says:

Ну , а кто резал и как ???

Andrew Hnamte says:

wow! did you use a jigsaw

Sig KB says:

Wooow 😮 that is beautiful!

Christine Cahill says:

Absolutely aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. And for all you nasty people on here, you need not worry. You wont see this type of craftsmanship in the places where you shop. Now piss off wankers!

Carmine Nights says:

this is a concept of zen,utilizing the strenth of nature verses modern mechanisms.structures made of interlocking joinery have long durability.

Joe Kim says:


DeNullVier SiebenSiebenFuenfAcht says:

Not sure who these 133 Lemmings are who don't value this fantastic work.

Chronus 101 says:

Good grief!!!!! that's amazing and the skill!!! You are a Master!!!!!!

Nyahahaha says:

Now make it fly

NickoLps says:

100% CNC.
Ppl dont bite

Colorlessie says:

what the fuck

Fred says:

Looks like a royal pain in the ass to cut out


So satisfying

betty davis says:

What a beautiful piece!

maning04 says:

Satisfying af

Conor Cousins says:

If i was serving life in jail id master it in the woodwork shop

Matersoup says:


Gagasan Melayu Raya says:

I came twice..

Fergus Denoon says:

I think you have the words "impossible" and "impractical" mixed up.

Chris chris says:

Make chest of drawers and leave all these joints showing as part of the design cause they are beautiful and a work of art . Most modern furniture is crap

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