WOODWORKING HACK! No Domino-/Biscuit Joiner? NO PROBLEM!

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With this Woodworking Hack you don´t want a Domino or Biscuit Joiner!

Hope you get pleasure from watching this!
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Are Baloni says:

THANK YOU all so much for watching! I want to get one thing clear: I did not say that this is a perfect jig that will last for years and years! The hole will wear out after a couple of projects, then you have drill a new hole. BUT, for a glue-up like this you don´t need to have a Biscuit or domino jointer, this jig will do the same job, just as well!

DarkMuse says:

Thanks! This worked great for a recent Maple table top that I built. Quick and easy!

Jared Hammel says:

This is awesome. I'm going to make one. I'm going to drill the hole a little bigger and put in a metal insert. Probably from a pen. Thank you for this amazing idea!

phililpb says:

you must have got this idea from all the other youtube videos that show the same thing. Next you could make a Japanese tool box

Robert London says:

I made a version similar to this. If you’re only making one or two tables, it’s fine. But if you’re making more, then a metal sleeve insert is a must in the hole. You also need to be accurate with your holes as creeping up or down just a bit with your drill can throw things out of alignment. And when doing multiple holes, it’s easy to get sloppy and takes patience to make sure you’re holding the drill dead center. But a good technique to save money when you’re starting out

GinaGVlogs says:

nice one ,i will make one as soon as i get the courage to cut a piece of Plexiglas that i have n use it as table.


Thanks. That was a cool jig

goemaere fabian says:

merci du partage

Joe Soap says:

Cheap Dowling jig with metal sleeves will give more accurate holes, often simplest ways work best, nice

Larry Arnemann says:

Every time I see the word hack I tune out. How can the word hack be a good thing

Gabriele Seitz says:

Thank's for sharing this trick!!!

Jerry Stark says:

I completely agree with you. For the hobbyist, dowels are a good, affordable, and effective option for almost any loose tenon joint. BTW: If you want a specific doweling jig to last longer, use a metal insert in the drill guide and always have the drill inserted to the surface of the wood before starting it.

Festool Dominos are great, but only a production shop can justify the expense, unless money is no object to the user.

Well done!

none says:

God make clamps because fingers are squishy. Secure your work properly.

Dremwolf says:

Going old school and using dowels is not a Woodworking Hack.

Ken Heart says:

Err … a simple doweling jig? Hardly a hack. And you can achieve pretty much the same results with a properly used marking gauge and steel square. But I admire your enthusiasm and your seductive music!

Frabcesco D'Antonio says:

Semolice ma molto valido. Grazie.

Rob I says:

It's more like a doweling jig, mate. Nice job!

Mr. B says:

Ty so much for sharing your knowledge with us. And a huge ty for saving me a bunch of money 💰. 👍🏻🇨🇦

Sid Matheny says:

Just add a drill cheap bushing and it would last for years. Nice job.

Udo Kupsch says:

I like quick and simple solutions. Well done 🙂

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