Woodworking, The Masters Art – The Perfect Dovetail

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I show you how i create the perfect dovetail joint, all free hand, i create all my pieces to this level, it doesnt take any longer to create a perfectly made joint & this is what woodworking is about, producing your best & perfecting your skills.

I am an Experienced Professional Craftsmen in all aspects of woodwork,
Professionally Competed in World Skills Australia & won 2 regional competitions, 1 National Competition & Placed 10th in the world when I competed in the World Skills international Competition held in Japan Shizuoka where I competed against 26 of the worlds best Cabinet Makers.
Here I demonstrate a sharpening method that my Mentor & Master Craftsmen taught me over 17 years ago, from the bench grinder to the fine sharpening stone.
As a fine furniture Craftsmen I’ve created pieces over the years with only tools that I need, I don’t like to purchase tools & equipment that I will only use a few times in the course of my life’s work & the Key to becoming a Master is time, patience, practice & most importantly Passion.

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Omar Cervantes says:

difference of using this instead of a dove tail machine?

Samuel James says:

Beautiful work

Tristan Cobane says:

Some of the cleanest dovetails I've seen. Very accurate technique.

kryptoniteee says:

Thank you for showing me how to do this. Why should i pay someone when i can do it myself. You just lost yourself business bud

Adrian train says:

You workmanship is awesome. I have to say, some of your terminology is a bit hard to follow, i know this sounds stupid, could you dumb it down a bit more in explaination. Im not havin a go, im just really new to wood working and the dove tail is whats drawing me in to it……..

Ye Yang says:

thanks for sharing. best dovetail demo i've seen on youtube.

Will Kerby says:

Finally a dovetail video of how to do not just what everyone does

Taras Kobets says:

I made it by myself thanks to woodprix website.

Clive KC says:

The moment I saw you pick the vernier I knew you meant precision.

Mark Goddard says:

Really nice bit of work! We all have our way of working but you may like to try making a knife wall. I do this and it not only protects the edges, but allows a really good indication of the level plain across. But regardless, you can’t improve on perfect, but it’s just a tip that I was taught that made life a bit easier. The other advantage is that you can chisel straight down without having to work backward when cleaning the joints. On the shoulders, there is no need to go side to side and risk blow-out, you can just chisel straight in from the edge against the pin and at the same time, cut the waste out cleanly from under it. I have subscribed. I never stop learning!

roberto portaluppi says:

muy largo al pedo

Damiendrops says:

Nice chisel work, that's some time-tested skill. The only suggestion I would make is to hire a fly wrangler. Since I was wearing headphones, when the fly landed on the microphone–THAT got me! Aside from the photo-bombing fly; you have great explanations, good light and camera angles… well done Anthony.

Glen Hatch says:

Hi Anthony. That is some of the most impressive hand work I have ever seen! I thought this art was nearly dead! Great to know it is still very much alive and that you shared it with all of us in such great detail so we can give it a go ourselves. Lastly it is nice to know that there are still people out there such as yourself who put their heart and soul into their work and take pride in doing it! Bless your heart!

yard limit says:

very nice job. well done.

Valient Six says:

Fat from perfect. Beginner status.

Michael Goh says:

perfect dovetail

Wayne Rye says:

Thanks for the video mate, I'm just starting out doing this type of work, and looking to make a jewelry box for one of my Grand Daughters Birthday.

Amar E says:

Hoho. Too briiiitiiiishhhy accent makes me laugh

Russell Langley says:

I've read and bought several online woodworking plans, but this is the best so far [Link Here==https://plus.google.com/+LarrySamford/posts/KcgzNKE47JS ]. The instructions are very clear and well laid-out. I so much love this woodwork plan. It's simply fantastic!

Andrew Morgan says:

Would be interesting to see you cut a sliding tapered dovetail, would be most grateful, thanks and cheers.

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