X mitered corners joints reinforcements

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To bolster miter joints I modify the desk noticed spline jig to make these X splines reinforcements. After we reinforce mitered corners they appear nice. And we solely should make some easy change to our desk noticed spline jig. We’ll see methods to modify the jig and methods to use the spline jig to chop the grooves in the proper place. So right here you possibly can see how can miter joints be strengthened ins a flowery means.

Watch methods to make wooden joints in a do-it-yourself store: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?record=PLu3f2fMzXtQhGRiDm5CFjJAuu27FxAyef

The right way to make a spline jig for desk noticed: https://youtu.be/W-6sevl61q8


Xorobabel says:

Nice video. I really like spline miters. I don't have a tablesaw so I use hand tools, but they don't come out as crisp.

ww s says:

You make it look so easy. Perfect voice over.

Richard Defour says:

One more very interesting and original job, thank you for sharing your knoledge.

وليد وليد says:

All your vedios is great and very important

وليد وليد says:

Thank you sergio for all your vedio you are great and you big boss. Im waleed from iraq

American woodworking tricks / Stolarskie Triki says:

Good stuff but takes so long time to make it.

John Hunter says:

Great idea. I think the bigger x would look good by it's self. Cheers John

Wayne Earls says:

I like watching your videos and you do a great job with the voice over. I can't wait to get back to making videos in my new shop, now that I'm going back to day shift at work, I'll have my regular life back. You have great ideas.

paggodiablo01 says:

A great vid

Hank McShane says:

Very interesting and I like your videos… but don't you actually cut the first spline in half when making the second cut of the X thus rendering it useless?

Shaukat Hakim says:

Thanks Sergio for the response. Please keep on sharing with us knowledge and new ideas. I'm a beginner in woodworking and turning and eagerly watch your videos. These are full of info…

fdc313 says:

I always enjoy watching your videos…

isakwatz11 says:

Very cool! I love the way the X's look. A small with a big one is very nice. But maybe find a way to clamp the workpiece down while cutting. Seems dangerous when pushing the sled at an angle.

Victor Maker says:

Cool 👍👍👍

Martin Wolf says:

Top, great! 👍👍👍👍

Mike Peacock says:

I REALLY like the small X version – what a great addition to any project!

Shaukat Hakim says:

Sergio, if you don't mind, may I ask where are you from?

Hugo Danilo says:

I recommend you make a "production" type jig that is easier to adjust and get the results you want. Looks really interesting. Obrigado.

smitcher says:

Great video as usual Sergio. Why not remove the stop screw and just make a stop block with a slotted runned underneath and a knob above that you tighten to spread the runner so that it clamps tight. That way you can just adjust for each cut.

Todor Ilinkolov says:

That's amazing!
You should try to combine one small and one long joint.

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