How To 3D Mannequin Furnishings in Sketchup | Sketchup for Woodworking

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Sketchup is an extremely highly effective software program for modeling and designing initiatives for each woodworking and metalworking. In case you have by no means used a 3D modeling software program, that is the video for you. I will be instructing the fundamentals in order that any newbie can discover ways to get began. You will study the buttons and instruments to make use of and the fitting order of operations to have a very good basis for constructing extra sophisticated initiatives.

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Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery


Modern Builds says:

Give this comment a ❤️ if you followed along and modeled the shelf with me!

Keegan Wong says:

This is extremely helpful!!! Thanks!

Bryoni Mason says:

U lost me before the end of that ridiculous Google fellatio. Thumbs down.

wabash says:

To skip all his sponsors ads to go 3:00

General Inquiry Spa Factory Thailand says:

hi, thanks for your video, it's the first video I watch to learn building the shelf.
May I have questions to ask you for suggestion? which way I can communicate with you?

maryam Abdulraham says:

thank u …. i just wana know can i render in that app?

Dennis Jackson says:

Thank you so much for this demo. I have to go dig around your channel for how to handle rabbits on SketchUp

Kleo 84 says:

4 drawer dresser please.

Monalisa Hota says:

Great video on the basics. I was wondering if you have made a video that covers rotation of objects (I struggled with rotating a bathtub and vanity that I inserted from the built-in objects).


Its freaking awfull for my autism lol i wanted to design a simple desk… can't even do that

Yoann Grange says:

It did help!

Emily Dufty says:

My fave “shortcut” is clicking and holding the scroll wheel on a mouse for orbiting and clicking and holding the scroll wheel while holding down the left button on the mouse to pan/move the view. Means you can move around your model really easily.

Possibly only a good tip if you’re making larger scale models but still.

Ace Man says:

Hit move then once you click the piece you want to move and copy click control and the piece will duplicate, rather then control c/control v….

Arturo Mucino says:

in sketchup pro 2018, when you draw the rectangle and then type the meassurements, nothing happens 🙁

Gamaliel Gonzalez says:

Can you generate a cut list with this software?

lilpump jetski says:

thats pretty gay lol xD

baltimoreace says:

Hey mike, thanks for this series. You should number the videos or something so we know what order to watch them. I started at the one where chris helps you but needed to start here.

Ingrid Frazer says:

Thank you, I am finally getting it, YAYYYY

Panda Inmobile says:

Hola, Mike!
If this video had subtitles (Spanish) you would have three times as many comments and Likes.
think about it, Mike

Jaune Soleiel says:

How did I not know this convention existed?! 😢

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