How To | Get Street Map info for your Woodworking Projects

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Build Video: Reclaimed Wall Map with Epoxy Resin River and Road Inlay:
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2 methods to achieve pulling street map information from online and modify it to be able to use for your woodworking project. These methods would work for CNC like I did, but also on the laser, and even by hand. The first method uses Adobe Illustrator along with OpenStreetMaps and the second method uses Gimp along with SnazzyMaps.

OpenStreetMaps –
SnazzyMaps Jackman style (currently pending approval) –
Image to SVG converter –

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Jackman Works says:

This bonus Jackman video was made possible by all of my patrons. I can't thank them enough for all of their support!

Shogun-Jimi says:

very interesting

jay greenwood says:

Cause farts are funny. Great job!

PauloMoura Moura says:

Ficou show.

Marc Buteau says:

no freakin' way. you have the same wallpaper image as i have on my computer. i've had beaker as my wallpaper for years now.

Russell Hill says:

Thanks for doing this extra video! I have been thinking about this kind of project for a while. This really helped clear up the steps!

Cy Smith says:

Awesome video! Do you know if this will work on Affinity Designer?

jp woodwork says:

you kids are so smart LOL

cartoon80s90s says:

You are amazing, you know that? Of course you do because everyone is saying it.

Greg Smith says:

3:43 Why am i so juvenile…

Excellent tutorial, I've been thinking of doing a little one for my city. It's also the first I've heard of Thanks man.

Oh and farts are only for hopping on tables and work benches and general structural integrity hop tests…

gallagherchannel says:

Fantastic tutorial, Paul!
I will definitely be using your illustrator version to make something similar as one of the first projects on my new X-Carve. This was perfect timing! You’re a natural teacher, too 👨‍🏫! Keep it up ✌🏻

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

Really interesting! Thanks for all of the different options…I'll be referencing this in the future.

Do It says:

Worth watching until the final second. Not enough of that on YouTube if you ask me.

We do a ton of this kind of stuff. Great tutorial!

Marcel's Workshop says:

You are so smart.

Matthew Perlberg says:

cool to do this add on vid. nice one #nerd

jakewwwjake says:

Dude, the amount of work you put into this tutorial is more than I would ever expect. Props to you for going out of your way to give your viewers a step by step walkthrough and figuring out a free method that you yourself didn’t need at all. I hope everyone that watches this recognizes the hours of work and troubleshooting you went through to make this possible.

Clinton Bartenstein says:

Great tutorial thanks!

Paul Lane says:

You know you wanted the water treatment sediment tanks. That make the area so inviting in the DC summer. I will not forget running on Bolling when the wind shifted and blew that aroma our way. Great project my wife would love it.

Keith O says:

No wonder you haven't posted anything in a while…

Projeto Trebuchet says:

Brillant class man!!! I just did something similar… but the old fashion way haha Thanks for sharing the knowledge! Cheers!

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