SketchUp Tutorial: Woodworking Workbench

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On this introduction to SketchUp video we’ll design a model of our upcoming Roubo-inspired woodworking workbench.

Info on downloading SketchUp in addition to a remaining model of this design will be discovered at our web site:

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Fern says:

At 11:40 I try to use the push pull tool after making the line and I get a red x on the push pull tool and it doesn't let me use it. No matter what I do it keeps happening at that point. I'm stuck. Please help..,.. I don't know if it has anything to do with it but at 12:30 where you say to triple click it doesn't highlight everything only the inner part. I think this old dog might have to stick with pencil and paper.

Fern says:

Thanks so much for this.

Brenda Villaverde Rojas says:

thank you so much

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