The place to Discover Low-cost or Even Free Lumber for Hand Software Woodworking

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The place to seek out low cost lumber and even free lumber is on lots of Woodworker minds. These are among the sources I’ve discovered to get lumber totally free, commerce or low cost. from firewood riven or cut up. or discovering 20Ok Board toes of white oak for $.50 a BF. the hand instrument woodworker is aware of that you may commerce time for cash and this even counts towards discovering free or low cost lumber.

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William Barron says:

Sign companies and air condition companies also get large amounts of lumber and plywood . Look around ! You never know what you will find . I've done this and I have found tons of lumber . Good luck !

Adam Wilson says:

Habitat for humanity restore is a great resource for lumber and tools. This week alone I picked up two nice hand braces with 8 auger bits for $7, an egg beater drill that matches one of the braces for $2, a nice backsaw/carcass saw for .75 cents and an Atkins crosscut for $1. Took me less than 3 hours to get all of them back into usable condition.

pwnyou2295 says:

Apartment dumpsters/trash areas. One of the benefits of living in an apartment is that people routinely throw out great things. I once found a box of old bottles, some from around the 20's to 30's along with 2 insulators from the 40's and 50's. Occasionally I see planks being tossed in there, probably from maintenance work. I think they're pine, but it suffices for things here and there. Being a flintknapper in an apartment, I have limited access to natural materials. One of my favorite man-made knapping materials are old toilets, aka johnstone. Really, it's a great place to look for supplies no matter what you craft.

David Garner says:

Don’t forget to check at habitat for humanityReStore. They often have boxes of leftover hardwood floor materials, solid wood doors, used furniture and tools at a reasonable price and sometimes free. I got a solid oak and maple roll top desk for free because when they moved it the roll top separated from the top.

Another option is to cut a tree in your yard and then have it milled by a sawyer. I got over 1500 board feet of custom sawn white oak for my labor and $600 sawyer fee.

nunya bisnass says:

So far almost all of my projects have come from firewood. I especially like black/choke cherry from this method because the store bought kiln dried stuff doesn't age properly. Its dark, looks ashy, and doesn't 'glow' with polishing like slow dried cherry does.

Nick DV says:

Great advice πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ and it is surprisingly easy to find – even on this side of the pond! πŸ˜‰

Building Wharram Sailboats says:

Great advice on getting lumber. I'm going to see how I can apply these tips in Thailand. Thank you


Go to your local stores or local industrial sites there you find or get for free if u ask pallets . Just got 150 pallets like that in 1 day. Or if u are lucky to live near a pallet factory .At my local pallet factory you can get free pallets there broken but 75% you can still use .But you have to take 25 pallet or more

TheFitnessFr34K says:

Drinking game: Every time he says "Lumber" you drink… Good luck

Lynxx Williams says:

I drive my wife up a wall with all the miscellaneous lumber I collect for free.
What makes that such an issue, is that we live in an RV park, in a 36' travel trailer.
I just can't pass-up free lumber.
I'll find a use for the majority of it someday.

tjzx3432 says:

Anyone else know what trash day means.

Chris Doncas says:

I found a wood tuner in Australia Sydney every yr he cleans out his off cuts and there some nice slab wood

P. J. Galati says:

Good tips! You forgot dumpster diving though πŸ˜› I salvage about half the lumber I have.

Mohammad Al Bitar says:

Hello & thanks for the nice vedio,,, i have a Q and i appreciate if you can advice,,, i am new in the country and i want to buy a small sawmill and make my living, So what is the cheapest or free way to got log (with out keep going around coz with the craigslist collecting free logs i spend all my day driving and without collecting that much. So what's the best cheap way to get logs??? πŸ™‚ appreciated.

Eric Moravek says:

I put up an add-on craigslist and a guy in a tiny Honda Civic pulled up in 30 min and hauled away a 2 car garage load full of wood.

CocaBleach says:

The first part of the video sounded like an Esurance commercial.

Robert Brunston says:

Thank you James

Conor McKee says:

Okay, I took your advice James, set up a craigslist account with some auto-notifications, and… I found my new lumber supplier. It's just a local guy with a big mill. He sells at 2/3 price of the retail lumber yards in my area, and has a way better selection too. And I mean WAY better, probably 5x milled inventory, some massive amount of slabs (which he just charges by the board foot of the species), hard to find dimensions… and he's only 20 mins from my house to boot whereas the closest decent retail lumber yard is an hour away.

Mara A says:

Ton of companies cutting trees out there. I get my ash and wood chips that way. ….

Michael LoVetere says:

You'd be surprised how many times people throw out high end furniture.Ally's are loaded with them…Oak and some walnut…maple….just make sure you keep it in the garage for awhile…bug,roaches etc you don't want to get in your house…….

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