Woodworking is not about woodworking.

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Able to problem your self? Join my latest on-line woodworking course, POWERED UP ► https://theweekendwoodworker.com/powered-up/ Hurry! Enrollment closes Sunday night time at 11:59 pm EST.

This all-new woodworking course options 5 massive, difficult initiatives to check your ability… And all these come collectively round a single objective:

To empower you to construct your individual ‘showstopper items’ by hand, in your individual store.

What does that imply precisely?

It means…

►► Constructing greater, sturdier, higher-quality furnishings… the type that may final for many years of on a regular basis use

►► Understanding find out how to plan and handle your initiatives extra successfully, from starting to finish… so your work is quicker, extra assured, and extra polished

►► Having mastery of chic and environment friendly joinery strategies, the mark of an adept craftsman

►► Ending your items with aptitude, so that they appear to be the work of a talented skilled

Summed up…

►► It means having the abilities, confidence, and know-how to construct heirloom-quality ‘legacy items’ for your self and your loved ones… the type that may shock and delight your vital different, and amaze your folks.

Attending to that stage is extremely fulfilling. And if that’s one thing you need, be a part of me inside Powered Up and I’ll present you find out how to make it occur.

And as a heads up, the doorways to Powered Up will shut this Sunday night time (Jan. 20th at 11:59pm EST), so head over to Powereduplaunch.com to seize your spot at this time.

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Charles Reicks says:

Really Thanks for the inspiration. My challenge for the year is to walk with a cane or even better without. I'm back in the shop doing everything from a stool or a wheelchair, Lot of cleaning and putting away to do. Thanks again to you Steve and Capt. Eddie for saying you can overcome.

Erick Calixto says:

Congratulations Steve, unfortunately I can not afford the costs of this course, here in Brazil the currency conversion is absurd. I watch every video of you (more than once) to absorb every detail of your projects (and love your humor sense) whether or not they succeed (I love fail videos). I wish success for you and your family.

Daniel Smail says:

Well said Sir…well said!

Big Mike is talking says:

Are you ever going to publish another WWMM episode or should I just unsubscribe now?

Mark Aramaki says:

I share your perspective. Keep making dust! All the best to you in 2019.

Plataani says:

Been following you since your early days, how time flies 😮 I remember "my ear"-video and I just want to say thank you. Admirable man, coming through on your feet after everything you have overcome. So again, thank you, you're such an inspiration!

Reuben Thomas says:

Wow! Thank for sharing those words of wisdom. I truly appreciate it.

Artisan Pirate says:

Great video Steve ! I have learned alot from Woodworking For Mere Mortals !

DerekM says:

I need to try to make the saw horse again. Believe I saw a new detailed video? My first go around didn't work the best but I was proud of it all the same or until it fell over and broke.

Catfish Cave says:

And what's wrong with petting goats???
Seriously, your last few videos on the human psyche really hit home. I actually made a list this year, and I don't usually don't even think about it. I've kept tropical fish for the last 40 something years and its really helped my mental health the last 10 years. I tried to build a fish room 4 or 5 years ago and failed at my first stand. I had no excuse – my father gave me the old fashioned education every male used to get – fix the car, build this, paint that. I had the basic tools to do anything. But the last ten years took a toll on my initiative for lack of a better word. I was afraid of failing. Terrified in fact. Your videos encouraged me to not be afraid to fail; and I finally built my first stand a year ago. Several more stands followed (fish room = many many tanks – I'm shooting for 18-22) A raised planter bed for the wife. Shelves in various closets and over the sink. Plant stands. Shelving unit/waterproof counter over the washer & dryer. Vortex shop vac wheeler arounder, cabinet for my miter saw (I was so scared of trying drawers!) Currently working on a composter and a shelving unit for my office at work. Thinking about building a hydraulic bed for my stepdaughter. I now have two hobbies that keep me out of trouble. Other may teach – but you inspire; and that is what makes a good teacher a great one.
And lastly, and most importantly, Thank you Steve.

John Fox says:

I stopped watching football a few years ago when it became a political sport. I discovered I had lots of extra time on my hands and turned to building really bad things. My first attempt at building shop cabinets was a failure. So I just bought shelving from the local big box store. I really don't like it, but at least the boxes are gone.

Then I discovered your first Powered Up series, and a switch was turned on. I made the table and bench and although I can point out all the flaws, family and friends want to know where I bought them. Using the lessons learned, I then made my wife a plant stand without any plans, I just did it all in my head using what I had learned.

I've got lots more of your projects to do, but my wife wants me to make the bed for the guest room next. And I'd love to make a dining room table the exact size we want it to be. And yes .. shop cabinets including your mobile workbench.

Summer is coming, yard work and outside home repairs will be put on hold. But with a small portable A/C unit, I can still build things in the garage.

Thank you very much for these programs. I learned there are things in life that I can do to be active, save money, and get the exact things we want instead of settling.

Attila Asztalos says:

Ever since I started having "never ever make any other new year's resolutions again" as my sole new year's resolution I suddenly seem to be able to keep them just fine (Yay, I suppose – not that I give a #### about that). Never much saw the point of "challenges". Achieving some arbitrary goal doesn't make me happy – being happy does; so I just stick with whatever works…

kmonnier says:

Wood working for friends supports my tool addiction.

Vagabond Vans says:

Here, Here….well said old chap!!

The Master of Science and Invention says:

You had cancer??

M M says:

@steve ramsey, how do you like your portable ridgid table saw that u brought last year? I just brought one and im not happy. Just want ur opinion.

Chris Jennings says:

Great video… thank-you!!!

Austin Steele says:

You're the man Steve! I love your videos and you have always inspired me to keep going with my woodworking. This is my favorite channel😎

Roberto Infante says:

I like this video. Thanks

Ernavill says:

Wishing for a 2000 square foot workshop? Lol I would settle for any workspace, I live in a 35 M2 (340 square feet) apartment, I have done several DIY projects including building my own bookcase in the middle of my living room, but it means I'm limited to 1 day builds. Can't wait to have the room for actual projects 😛

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