Woodworking On-line Workshop, Walnut show case, Episode 20

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Here’s a free episode from our Show Case Sequence on our On-line Workshops. Go to www.robsworkshop.com for more information and see the entire tasks now we have made!


Rails Life says:

Tip. Pencil needs to always be behind your ear. Can't believe I just gave you a tip :jaw_wide_open:

kratt309 says:

Do you have to realign the riving knife or worry the thin kerf blade will act different with the brake if it were activated? Didn’t know if it was not recommended to use thin kerf blades.

Guy Jones says:

Is Holly really strong enough for saw grips? I have a ton of Holly and would love to know if I can use it for tool handles without concern for the strength.

Jeremy Fugarino says:

Rob, I understand your frustration with the tear out on the thin veneer. I found a video a way back and what I've learned is to simply place some paint tape in and around the kerf measurement. And it worked just fine. No more tear out issues without having a zero. Hopes that helps. Thanks for taking the time out to make yet another fantastic video. Also as a fellow Combat Vet TY for your Purple Heart Woodworking classes.

Daniel Geng says:

Use a water based poly , shouldn’t yellow that handle. Try a test piece first ~

David Januszewski says:

When cutting plywood, I use a 6 1/2" dia 40 tooth blade, I find that the smaller dia. makes a really smooth cut. Ive tried the 10"and 8 1/4", the 6 1/2"out-does them at least by 50%.

jp morso says:

where is dave nowadays I haven't been on here in over a year is dave still around or no????

Stoph Stoph says:

Rob, make a comb? 😉

Joseph says:

Finish the Holly with water borne poly instead of oil.

Ed Draper says:

Loved this Rob… Troubleshooting (pun intended) is my world… It's good to see you working through the same problems I have.

Dave Weber says:

The effort to slow down and work at your "actual speed" does show, Rob. And I like it. 🙂
Thanks for the videos.

Gracebeliever077 says:

27:47 Jacksonville, FL has one

Jay Hoskins says:

For plywood cross cuts I like to make two passes to minimize tearout. Use 1/32 height on the first pass to score it.

Gage Pine says:

Hey Rob, what is the ruler you used for sharpening? I just got the 5 1/2 from woodriver and I wanted to sharpen it like you do! Great video, thanks for sharing

Graham Orm says:

Merry Christmas Rob. You know, all woodwork aside, what I think gives your shows appeal is (what appears to be) the totally unedited presentation. When you drop something on the floor or can't find a tool, or get a board that is wrong for the job and have to change it. I imagine this can be edited out but you just don't bother. It has the watcher smiling and thinking 'Yep'.
I've watched you for a long time and always recommend your shows on forums and wood pages that I attend.
At 59 long term illness means that my trade and shop days are probably over now after a lifetime of it, can you imagine facing up to that? I now have the mindset I thought I'd have at 80. How much can I get for my tools?
Thanks for all the knowledge and entertainment. I'll still enjoy the workshop by proxy through you guys.

Daniel Attencio says:

If only the box was square

César Augusto García Obando says:


michael collins says:

So why was it “dangerous” to cut it the first time and not the second time?? Also I don’t understand why fitting the back (which is insignificant) took so damn long? why if the box is square why it’s so hard to get the back to fit?

rlow vaughn says:

Who took Cosman's gawt dang PENCIL!!! Oh it was in his pocket the whole time.

Seth's Project Woodworking says:

Those saws are beautiful rob! That pink ivory is very unique!

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