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1.Woodpeckers | OneTIME Software® | Nook Jig:https://www.ultimatetools.ca/merchandise/woodpeckers-corner-jig
2.Kreg KBCIC In-Line Clamp:https://amzn.to/2XDmiKO
three.WOODPECKERS PAOLINI POCKET RULES:https://www.ultimatetools.ca/merchandise/stainless-steel-paolini-pocket-rules-2018-onetime-tool
four.Milescraft 8401 Trim45 Trim Carpentry Support:https://amzn.to/2T8EJsi
5.Veritas® Panel Platform Equipment:http://www.leevalley.com/us/Wooden/web page.aspx?p=76830
6Jigsaw, TECCPO 800W 3000SPM Jig Noticed with Laser Information:https://amzn.to/2tK3iNj
7.GRS-16 PE Parallel Edge Information Rail Sq.:https://tsoproducts.com/tso-products-guide-rail-squares/grs-16-pe-parallel-edge-guide-rail-square/
eight.OneTIME Software – EXACT WIDTH DADO JIG:https://www.woodpeck.com/exact-width-dado-jig-2019
9.Milescraft 3403 Grabber – Pushblock for Desk Saws,:https://amzn.to/2Vv0cbD
10.Bosch Skilled GSS -10 Cordless Orbital Sander:https://www.powertoolworld.co.uk/bosch-gss-18-v-10-cordless-orbital-palm-sander-body-only

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DeAlana Bruce says:

This video is another example of why we creative people are making our own jigs for our projects.

Unless you have a successful business and need these jigs daily, they are too expensive for the average woodworker.

Example: the corner jig being nearly $600 is way outside most people's financial reach and some people wouldn't use it enough to warrant paying that kind of money.

Besides our economy is completely out of control making the majority of good woodworking tools (made in america) too expensive for most people, which is part of the reason our country is flooded with cheaper tools from china, there's a demand for less expensive tools to fill the economic gap.

cuchanu says:

That milescraft trim 45 makes a relatively simple job look super tedious

ridho mohammad says:

make video about the price of those equipment..

Ky Ouellet says:

I watched 36 seconds and it turned me off

Thomas Zhang says:

One rule rules all other rules.

Patrick Brown says:

Its pretty obvious you all have never bent a nail in you're lives. You all are like an infomercial for useless tools

Barry Turner says:

Most of the links, reg Woodpeckers don't work…. Or is this just an (across the pond!) UK problem?

Ahhhh just read the previous message, what the !! POINTLESS……Tech UPDATE NOT!!!!!

Samer Aal-Rassul says:

if i appreciate one of theses tools, it would be No. 2

Jay Gilroy says:

That dude is fat as fuck im suprised he can stand

CaseAgainstFaith1 says:

Why do you include in your "2019" tools, Wookpecker one-time tools already retired? ALL THREE OF THEM! Although the dado jig was just retired last month. The other two were retired last year. Pretty useless eh?

Gadgetstic Area says:

Top 6 incredible Working Machines | Gadgetstic Area


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