Superb Easiest Drum Sander Machine DIY – Good Woodworking With Instruments

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Superb Easiest Drum Sander Machine DIY – Good Woodworking With Instruments
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levi israel says:

when tightening the chuck tighten them at all the holes slowly t each hole it will rotate more evenly without the wobble.. i have the same drill

Bahman Unessi says:


Kerry Burns says:

Nice job, thank you from Spain.

Віктор Оренчак says:

ЛАЙК!!! Корисна річ для майстерні. Успіхів.

Xawery Trąbka says:

well, not bad 🙂

Reynaldo Valle says:

Wow great idea I love it going to see if I can make one what type of bearings do you use can you please tell me so I can get them that way I'll make one keep up the videos I just subscribe to your Channel thank you please let me know

Anisteiny Guimarães says:

Criativo! Parabéns!

rex clay says:

very nice , but talk us thought it would be better, very good video

Tomolillo René says:

Magnifique travail d'ingéniosité et d'habileté 👍👏

Silver Fox says:

Молодцы но до рождённых в СССР Вам далеко!!!!

yousuf furniture says:

Thank you. ধন্যবাদ


Boa idéia!!🇧🇷

Juan Carlos Andrade Rosales says:

good evening, could you please facilitate the project's measurements, thank you very much

StuffUCanMake says:

Very ingenious approach.

Charles Bidault says:

Une calibreuse rapide 👍

Claudio G. says:

You are really ingenious, also I've appreciated the precision of the work. Cheers from the Alps.

Esteves says:

Mandou bem, como sempre.

ZolaBolingo says:

It’s fantastic

richard defour says:

Very interesting video for a very interesting machine, thanks.

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