Greatest 10 Newest POWER TOOLS Coming In 2019

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Welcome to a brand new episode of this sequence, as we speak we depend down our picks for the

Devices Listing you could have seen 😃

Makita GA5042C SJSII Excessive Energy Angle Grinder

Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Gap Jig System

Festool 574432
Multi-Bit Energy Drivers

Hilti Cordless Knockout Punch NPU 100

sailrite scorching knife

DEWALT DW45RN Pneumatic Roofing Nailer

Metabo – Akku-Blindnietpistole NP 18 LTX BL

DEWALT DWE575 Circ Noticed –

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Matthew Jackson says:

I hate t be the goat here, but despite all these new tools coming forth, it's still not going to cut it. Manual labor is slow and costly, even when the best tools are employed.. Robotics will dominate the landscape as much as possible in the future. You can have an expanding economy without a corresponding highly efficient mode of production and output.

frank nguyen says:

ya full of shit…. these tools are already out

sagitario12ish says:

Dewalt dont know how to do battery finish nailers I got two bought in diferent times, bad tools n for the warranty uff, you have to locking for where to go to tge nearest place from your home. Now I have pressure finishers nail nun.

dady big says:

We are very lazy everything was with your hands now we are fat because everything is by power

Chung Chan says:

This video is completely rubbish. There is nothing new here

Remus Marian Dragan says:

pros don't check internet for tools they head straight for dealer to test

Cuong Phan says:

hey OP you are using IE6 to upload this video right?

Danny Hansen says:

If this is the top ten.. the world is going under.. I don't see a single thing I didn't see last year?

jason larsen says:

There's not a single thing In this video that I or one of my employees haven't owned

حسن آل راجوج للتأسيس المنزلي07727017722 says:

Ha ha ha

cdx873v says:

What was upp with that bit's holder? Seams stupid to me. Check out Wera's line of bit's and holder's instead.

TheDarthvader123 says:

Nothing new for 2019. All the tools are already there!

Adrian Cucer says:

Whan a great random selection of tools.

Scott Johnson says:

Too many. B.S. advertisements. Not watchable.

puychenin says:

i like number eigh, fi,and fo.

Aa says:

Yeah Makita , fix your stupid on and off switch I have a pile of good grinders with bad switches.

קובי לסרי says:

2019??? I have the kreg pocket jig for two years…. same for other power tool non is upcoming

Robinson Ynfant says:

Nice recommendation

mohd tariq says:

All power tools is Amazing but personally my favorite is NPU 💯 A Metabo Np 18

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