DIY Pro Tips: 3 Must-Have Power Tools for Homeowners

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Stocking your DIY toolbox? Be sure to include these three essential power tools. Home improvement expert Leah of See Jane Drill explains why you need them and demonstrates what they can do. For more, see

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Mark K says:

Leah, Did you use to work at Pep Boy's in California?

Shiyaz Shareef says:

if you can send me a drill please because in my country ots too expensive if you going ot gift someone i like to have it please i love diy Woodworking *

Thomas Carroll says:

she so right and it can be tell it to what you need for where you live I live in an apartment so I'm space is limited and i do not need a multi tool I already have a skil sander two dewalt cordless drills circular saw and jigsaw for me it works fine I might just get a Dremel though thats really versatile multi-tool

Armando Gonzalez says:

Yay I have all of those tools

think e'M says:

thank you, Leah…

David CZa says:

Thanks. Nice video

Andrew Barrows says:

She has a very polished and warm demeanor. I'm an instant fan, thanks for the video!

Software Test says:

Leah is the best!
Thanks for the security instructions as well.

cobydrei says:

that circular saw is for left handed right?

Hector Roman Jr. says:

Are there handsaw's for left handed people. It's annoying to have the saw dust all over yourself.

357CLOUDY Black Feather says:

Good Information! Asking for the multi tool for Christmas.

KundelCranes says:

Don't forget about the Porter Cable Restorer

Legend_89 says:

On point, thank you very inspirational…

DariusMaximilian says:

Now I have to subscribe to Zillows to see my favourite and best teacher: Leah! I'm glad I found you again. I was a bit surprised things were a bit quiet on your channel when I checked in after a bit of a spell from learning new skills.

I agree with the basic tools that every home owner should have, except the circular saw. I just find them too scary and opted for a power jigsaw instead. I have bought a circular saw, but I never got the guts to use it. It's still on the shelf happily lazing away. However, my jigsaw gets a huge amount of uses. so far I've never been confronted with the need to overcome my fears and pull out that circular saw to tackle a project that my jigsaw couldn't handle.

Since I first set up my own home, my tool collection has grown quite a bit, after that first initial purchase of a 9V drill ( too under-powered, but it works well as a screw driver, but I have since upgraded to 12v) and its grown still further since watching so many of Leah's videos. There is very little left that I cannot do now. If I'm confronted with something new, I check out Leah's videos first, because she knows her stuff and knows how to teach it to inspire confidence.

Thanks Leah!

Mattheo Borey says:

Hi Leah! 🙂

Debbie Hopkins says:

I am old , old , old ….But ya know something you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Thank you Zillow for putting a woman on which is important to show that we too as women can learn to do home improvements too. Thank you Thank you

Mexoplex Jenkins says:

I love the fact that Leah doesn't look like all the other 'typical' DIY hosts. I love her.

yogighetto says:

Bravo , Love it your show.

Kyle de Beausset says:

First video I'm watching but I love Leah. Looking forward to seeing more.

ian davies says:

i think a jigsaw is called a sabre saw in the USA im from europe

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