Each Energy Device I Personal…..for now

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A fast take a look at (largely)the entire energy instruments I at the moment personal. Due to Vince from VCG Building for stopping by!





Professional Results.


wes pope says:

I am so glad you did this video. I am getting into woodworking and was wondering what all tools I'll need that I dont have. To my surprise I have every tool that you have minus the router table. So now I know I can tackle any job in front of me. As long as i have the knowledge. Can you please post a video on your jigs.

Black Water Cowboy says:

Do you grab the Milwaukee jigsaw or DEWALT more. To me the jigsaw is more about feel. I'm curious on your thoughts before I add a battery jig to the box.

Jeff Holland says:

No circular saw?

Ranaivo Lalatiana NJATO ANDRIANARISON says:

want to get the knowledge here… how about those books?

Stephen Franks says:

I think your rack is out of adjustment in one side of your fence causing it to bind up on Milwaukee table saw

miguel lara says:

Honesty? Or sold?

BBz 79 says:

What? Vince? Hahaha

info gitaarles says:

Thanks guys. Great inspiration to see your projects and to see which tools you use. Greetings from Holland!

bekir kurt says:

table saw can cut up to 24 inch when you move over to 2. position
i love the channel

Jose Eduardo de Andrade says:

I would love if Dewalt make available some battery staple guns (as yours) where i live (in Brazil). By the way… I'm learnig a lot watching your videos. Thanks.

Ryan Mock says:

What kind of camera do you use?

Luis Sanchez says:

I’m glad I also invested in the same brands. Learning a lot about how you do this. I’m working on my house and totally appreciate the time you put behind these videos. Thank you so much!

Nicholas Sinovich says:

I love your channel man! I'm seriously considering getting the DW 16g angled finish nailer because of you. I'm new at this but it's a full time job so I think it would be a good choice. WHERE would you consider getting the gun at? I want to make sure I can get any (if it's an option) sort of extended service/warranty plan for it. Thoughts?

Joshua Klochak says:

Dump Dewalt and go makita.

Paul Tokarz says:

Do you see a spot for a track saw as an addition? Thoughts on a track saw replacing a table saw on the job site?

MadMetalManiac74 says:

I want one of those multi tools! Of course mine will be sporting a teal color scheme 😉👍

Rei Conn says:

You are amazing. I learn so much from you. Can you tell me what the best ca glue and activator is?

Kristen Stamm says:

I love your videos!! You have taught me so much! Thank you! I am about to install 188 linear ft of baseboards in our house. This is my first time but thanks to you I am confident I can do it. I would love to see how you scribe baseboards to fit the contour of floors. I do not want to install shoe moldings.

Chad Rockman says:

It's funny how everything is going cordless.i look at those tablesaws and they just look like cheap Chinese junk..I know they are somewhat good and have great power for a battery operated tablesaw…..my Bosch corded still does the trick for me but seems like the cord is getting cut everywhere…keep up the good work.

Idbuythatfora$ says:

What about the DW 735!!?

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