How to Make an Extension Cord / Cable Reel – Power Tool Version – Woodworking Project

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In a previous video I made some simple cable reels to keep extension cords tidy. I made them using Hand Tools only.

I decided to show a simple way to create the same handy device using Power Tools for people that don’t use Hand Tools often.

This style of cable holder provides a functional tool that is easy for a beginning woodworker to make.

I made this from Reclaimed / Recycled Pine, and an old Brush Handle so they were almost free except for a bit of wood glue.

Many of the techniques I used could be easily adapted to substitute tools, such as using a Jigsaw or Scrollsaw instead of the Bandsaw. A Portable Belt Sander or Random Orbit Sander instead of the Belt Sander.

I like the idea of making my own Tools, especially if it is a Tool that is not easily found or readily available. Handmade Tools give great satisfaction and for me it is fun knowing that I created something to help me better improve my woodworking experience.

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Hey I'm a Maker says:

Might be neat to include a power strip on one of the sides.

Great work!

Dekeros - Recreational Woodworking says:

I love that you make two versions of this! 🙂 A lot of purists out there. Great project! Thanks for sharing my friend! Thumbs up!

Make Things says:

Great video, but I think I liked your other one better, just because it's a rare treat to watch someone build something from scratch with hand tools. Not a bad video at all, I was actually impressed by that super quiet sander, just liked the other better.

Mitch Peacock - WOmadeOD says:

Who doesn't need a few of these! Nice job

Not Just Sawdust says:

It certainly beats the piece of cardboard I'm using…

Becky's Texas Wood Shop says:

Beautiful piece of work Yogi. That would be the best looking extension cord holder around! I love the finish too. I have 2 extension cords right now that could use one of those. Thanks for sharing Yogi!

Margaritis Takis Kailos says:

Nice and handy project! I m planning to make one for a very long cord !!!

Eduardo Motta says:

Another show!!! Congrat…

Mark McCluney says:

Hey mate, I could just watch you working at stuff all day! And thank you so much for the promotion, that was very kind.

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