How To Take away Rust From Previous Woodworking Instruments

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Studying How To Take away Rust from outdated instruments is one thing I really wished I had realized years in the past. Its only a nice ability to have when you’re trying to clear up or restore some outdated classic hand instruments. In woodworking, that is usually the simplest and most cost-effective technique to get into the true craft of hand instrument woodworking. I present you a easy system utilizing a fundamental rust remover to wash the elements after which some fundamental instruments to take away all the caked on grime and rust. From there we sharpen a few of the planes as nicely. I additionally make a brand new tote (or deal with) for my Stanley No.four G Airplane. This was a very good studying expertise and comparatively easy!

I additionally refinish an outdated Breast Drill my grandfather gave me a number of years in the past when he was promoting his outdated camp. I clear up the gears and provides it a pleasant new shine to get it again to working situation. I Additionally clear up all of the wooden elements after which i even have my grandfather come down the store and test it out.
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Rusty Gun says:

Enjoyed gramps. The stories he has will be lost unless you can capture them and share them with your kids. I go my parents on video talking about when they grew up during the depression. They are gone now and those tapes are priceless to the family.

Daniel Allen says:

awesome video, as always! Tip i learned when making my own tote, is it is much easier to drill and counter bore an accurate hole in the tote before you cut it to the curvy shape.

Donnie Gaskill says:

John, great job cleaning the tools…however…when using wire wheel brush, Please use your eye protection. Those wire slivers can go straight into your eye ( I won't tell you how I know this!!).

Gianluca Moretti says:

Evviva nonno! Thanks for sharing, great video! And great job restoring those planes!

Southern Style DIY says:

Those are huge restorations! Fantastic work

rich hubert says:

Hey that was probably your best video yet! Love history of tools. Congratulations

Bear Creek Woodworking says:

This is a great idea John. I have some old tools to clean up also. They just sit in boxes way too long, just because they are RUSTY!

John Hartley says:

if i ever took that many tools apart at once, I would NEVER get them all back together again!

Matthew Rockey says:

Great video John. I have a box full of my grandfathers tools that I have been restoring. Great feeling to see them brought back to life and put them back to work.

JunkYard Chic says:

Maybe a type 17 could not see enough details to be positive 1946-1947. Is there a rib at the heel?

FAMA Woodworking says:

Great job! Beautiful old tools!

OscarOscar says:

People where I live think that rust makes their planes cost as much as gold… over a year of hunting and I can’t find anything vintage that is more than half the price of a new LV plane. It’s crime

Brad Rodriguez says:

Need more Gramps! He sounds awesome. 💪💪

Dark Star Gear says:

If I click the affiliate link for the 3.5 gallon and switch to the 5 gallon will you get credit?

Aaron Alton says:

Very cool! Definitely enjoyed seeing your grandfather come it, he seems very proud of you.

How did you go about dating your planes? I am having trouble figuring out when the Stanley Bailey no. 7 I picked up was made.

Fred McIntyre says:

Awesome video John, cool stuff! 👍🏻👊🏻

Ben Durack says:

Nice hook 😉

Steven Ferrell says:

This is by far the best video. This reminds me of working in the shop or on the job site with my grandpa. He passed in February of 2018. Cherish the moment you have left with your grandfather, I wish I still had some more days left with mine.

Kathleen Orce says:


Krzysztof Szymula says:

Have you Polish roots? Malecki sound like Polish.

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