Newest and Biggest Energy instruments of 2019 from Dewalt, Diablo, Makita, Skilsaw, Metabo & extra

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A take a look at the brand new energy instruments coming in 2019, from Dewalt, Makita, Diablo, Skilsaw, Metabo, Fiskars, Ego & extra. Carpentry chainsaws, battery powered concrete saws, Diablo’s new slicing know-how, Makitas battery powered broom, Skilsaws GIANT sasquatch round noticed and tons extra!
Heres the most effective costs on Amazon for among the instruments on this video:
Diablo Metallic slicing blade:
Dewalt concrete noticed:
Fiskars axe:
Makita Energy shaft Multitool:
Extra data on diablo’s slicing know-how:

7-1/four” 24T Framing Blade (
7-1/four” 36T Wooden & Metallic Blade (
7-1/four” 48T Cermet Metallic & Stainless Metal Chopping Blade (
Metallic Chopping Blades: (
Carbide Recip Blades for Nail-Embedded Wooden (
Complete Recip blade class (
Milwaukee heated coat:

10% off Kujo sneakers right here:

ISO tunes

Purchase 12 blades get a free concrete noticed right here: https://bladesdirect.internet/dirtmonkey/

Winter equipment-Finest innovative ever:


Christian Garcia says:

yes more vids

Tom Boyd says:

Constant advertisements, you video stinks because of it.

D S says:

The Karcher vac at 2:30 is nothing special. Every canister vac (even the really small Chinese stuff from Harbor Freight) will do the same exact thing. It's just simple physics and really says nothing about the vac other than it sucks. No really, it sucks. The hoses are not standard. The dust bags are over $20 each and you can't find aftermarket in the USA. On top of that, they don't last.
At 4:30 the Karcher sweeper is totally dismissed. Those things are junk and way overpriced just like most Karcher equipment.

r s says:

👏🏻stop 👏🏻 hand 👏🏻talking at me

Tony Parmeggiani says:

I've been using Diablo blades for a while, they're less expensive than DeWalt and they last longer BUT I never realized you can cut metal with them.

Robert Thomas says:

Yes I did like this video, it was very helpful and informative. Great on Diablo to suggest it. And as for the saws all demo I am here to tell everyone I have used the Diablo blades both rotary and reciprocating and I prefer them over any other blades I have used. And I will tell you I am a big fan of Milwaukee tools and I find there drill bits to be quite good. But there reciprocating and rotary saw blades don't hold a candle to the Diablo blades. I don't know if Diablo makes drill bits or not, if they do I haven't seen them yet. But I will try them if I do ever see any, that's for sure. I also like the fact that they make metal cutting
7 1/4" circular saw blades. I wonder if they have them in 6 1/2" as well?

Brett Jones says:

Love this video and thank you. Please bring more!!!

Brian Larson says:

great video

Travis k says:

Is that a bird i hear in the background? I am sorry but i have a policy. Never take advice from someone who has pet birds or snakes. They obviously have poor taste.

Dan R says:

What a waste of a new broom.

I'm Not-Tarded says:

You needed to have a lot more Tool Girl. She is nice on the eyes.

jamir says:

this content is awesome, I wist i could buy the diablo disc here in eu

raidu86 says:

10:47 is it just me or it seems that the right tool is not working on full speed?

Jason Voorhees says:

Hey I really like your orange ballcap! Said no-one EVER.

AllHopeAbandon says:

The amount of commercials you are selling is absolutely ridiculous…and I bet you are someone who would b*tch about too many commercials.

BROSKI mCduDe says:

This guy and the dude off gas monkey could be brothers lol

Travis Ethan says:

I’m a contractor and I swear by diablo blades, great price and work the best. They just keep going. Idk how they stay in business, I’ve had the same one on my chop saw for so long.

lastmanxa says:

18:30 which means are u married ?

Dawn Bartos says:

I've actually wrapped up Diablo blades in gifts because someone I know loves them so much! Wish they were called angel blades because they save so many curse words! 🙂

Jaime Chavez says:

Great video. Thanks

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