Making the ULTIMATE Energy Instrument Workbench | Half 6

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On this video, I start making the Valcromat Torsion Field high! I’ve had a little bit of a design change with this, which now contains an 8ft sliding dovetail. God assist me.

Hultafors Tape Measure:

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My identify is Matt Estlea, I am a 23 12 months outdated Woodworker from Basingstoke in England and my purpose is to make your woodworking much less s***.

I come from 5 years tuition at Rycotewood Furnishings Centre and four years expertise working at Axminster Instruments and Equipment the place I nonetheless at present work on weekends. Through the week, I movie woodworking tasks, tutorials, critiques and a viewer favorite ‘Instrument Duel’ the place I examine two aggressive producers instruments in opposition to each other to seek out out which is greatest.

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Lets go make a multitude.




Matt Estlea says:

Soooooo uhhh. I may have filmed a bit too much.

Nathan Terepocki says:

those sliding dovetails are a slick idea… love it

Jimspeed 13 says:

I have bought a Hultafors tape from your link so you have made money from that so you now owe me Estlea your in my pocket now! πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Oyler Ben says:

The track saw would been the best way to cut that waste out for the Ron paulk sids

Kazukaru Kelley says:

Well done, Matt! Looks Great! Really appreciate watching your process and seeing how you are presented with an issue and then the resulting solution. Also used my Bosch track saw for the first time and am completely stunned at the cut surface. Absolutely smooth and with no tear-out, I dare say "glass-like". Looking forward to seeing the next steps with the work bench!

Jeremy Chapman says:

Amazing work! But… why didn't you plunge the dovetail at one of the intersections?

Stefan Johansson says:

Can't wait for the video where you in the future try to replace the Valchromat board. πŸ™‚
It will probably save you time, money and sanity to replace the whole top with a new one. Interesting construction though. I am struggling with the same sort of problems (and the same sort of table top). Thanks for the inspiration!

Grant Crawley says:

Did you not consider a tapered sliding dovetail? I know it's long but you could do it as a sectional sliding dovetail.

Brunning Builds says:

Wow long episode Matt; but you kept me engaged throughout! Love how this Bench is coming together πŸ‘Œ

DexterDesigns says:

When I am doing sliding dovetails and I get to that last bit where I just need to take a hair, I just take it off of one side rather than worrying about doubling it. You are not changing the angle or the height just a slight change in the thickness. Sure you run into extreme circumstance where a hair off center will make a difference, but for the most part its easier to focus on cleaning up one side just right

Sharkfat says:

Not sure about anyone else but 16:00 is the exact time when my mum would phone

jacknicholls10 says:

Spot on really good, hats off to the sliding dovetail. I need to do this for a job soon and pooing my pants as I have no router table! Given me lots of motivation to get out there and smash it… not literally!

Mike Peacock says:

17:32 – I am SO with you on this point, but I don't know why either πŸ™‚
31:30 – What is the Pt Number of the countersinking/driver etc kit please and was it any good? Cannot find it on Amazon or Axminster..

Arthur Marree says:

Love your video’s, even support you on patron! Hope you keep making these lovely tutorials etc. Just one question, Will you please consider not cursing? I sometimes watch your video’s with young folks, and did not expect to hear you curse (Jesus Christ). Thank you in advance and keep up the good work!

painkllrrr says:

Dude – I want to be you when I grow up (just to clarify – I'm over 50) πŸ™‚

Seriously, that 8 ft. sliding dovetail was so over-the-top (even on an already self-professed over complicated design) but it was awesome to watch none-the-less.

Note to self: Got to get me one of those Bosch trackrouter guides but the budget is really tight for now so I'm adding to my wish list.

Looking forward to the seeing how it comes out in the end.

Russell Adams says:

Wow just found your channel and watched all 6 and the dovetail video I'll be keeping an eye on your video's

Sand Box John says:

A simple workaround for not having enough clamps on long glue ups is to use a long clamp block with a crown in it.

Udo Kupsch says:

Awesome. How long did it actually take to slide in that dovetail?

Harry Girgin says:

Hi Matt, I just purchased the gkt55gce and the gof1600 router. What is the bosch vacuum you have?

Jim Black says:

Loving the bench series Matt. What were the blue and green plastic sheets you used on the glue up? Are they just random bits of plastic to protect the rest of the bench from glue drips?

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