Shop Tour 2018, All of My Woodworking and Metalworking Tools!

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Here it is, a new workshop tour for 2018 showing all of the updates to my woodworking and metalworking tools in the shop! Hope you guys enjoy, leave any questions in the comments. Check out Powermatic’s awesome power tools here :

πŸ›  List Of The Tools I Use :

My Wood Whisperer Guild project :
Andy Glass Drilling Station :!/Drill-Storage-Charging-Station-Items/c/26756171/offset=0&sort=nameDesc
My tripod :

🎧 Support ISOtunes, my personal favorite hearing protection!






Crafted Workshop says:

Hope you guys enjoy, leave questions in the comments. Check out Powermatic's awesome power tools here : πŸ›  List Of The Tools I Use :

CorExDraconem says:

Bragger… 😒

Tail End Customs says:

Beautiful shop man.

Cody Harrison says:

I’m looking at building a new shop and I’m curious what your shop size is not counting the hallway?

Kenny Fetsurka says:

Bike check!

JMakes says:

Seriously amazing space Johnny – you're living the dream, I'd love to have a shop that size haha, maybe one day!!
Seriously though, you've laid everything out really well, sounds like you've got a great workshop flow and your tool collection is phenomenal too! I'm definitely envious of the little perks higher end tools bring, like the digital calibration on the woodpecker pillar drill and welding cart hooks – I can really imagine small things like that removing a whole lot of frustration and making woodworker a lot funner!

Raymond Malone says:

Wow great workshop , here in ukπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ can only dream of workshop of that size, your timber storeroom is twice the size of my shed

CReeves Makes says:

I love shop tours. I was backwards on how I thought your shop was initially set up. Great space and use of it Johnny!

Christopher Benn says:

Great video mate. I have a question, how much did that belt grinder cost?

Tracy Keaton says:

What an awesome shop! I work with mostly table top Hobby equipment. Nothing industrial-size other than my 12 inch compound miter saw. I truly would love to be able to make my own 360 degree small pin vise. However I have no idea how to make it in four sections where it meets in the middle. I would love to have any thoughts if you can. Many blessings to you and your Channel!

x 225x says:

Come hangout at passport Thursday at Catawba and talk shop.

Chrystal Dunlow says:

Love the shop! I’m not going to lie I’m a little jealous. My shop consists of 4 tools but you got to start somewhere. πŸ˜‚ Having a good AC unit in this crazy NC summer heat. YES !!! Very impressive to see how far you have come. You have worked very hard to get to where you are now. I can’t wait till your little one is in there running around and learning from his dad.

JBratt says:

I really need to organize my shopπŸ˜€. Thanks for the tour and motivation.

Adrian Orozco says:

Great shop tour and awesome flow!! Mad jelly of the milling triangle, but benchtop stuff is all I need/can afford for now πŸ˜€

Martin Davis says:

What brand of clamps are the orange one

John Fithian-Franks says:

Hi That cat flap might work great for you but I don't think my cat would agree?. You have a lot of nice tools but the same problem as me with the mortiser, mine is stuck behind the spindle sander and is very awkward to get to.

Jake Thompson says:

Sweet Shop Tour Johnny!!!

Chris Nelson says:

Love the shop tour. I see you have moved over to where your wife used to park in garage. Looking forward to some more great builds and videos. Keep up the good work man.

Franks DIY says:

Loved the tour. Great placement on your work areas

Victory Gamingg says:

The PVC Collector shouldn't be an issue in my opinion. now I would be concerned if you were using it as an airline between an air compressor and different tools. The suction of the collector is one thing but when you start putting 120psi+ through it that's when it starts to explode.

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