High 5 Should Have Instruments for Woodworking – DIY House Enchancment

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Listed here are my recommendations for the High 5 Should Have Instruments for anybody focused on moving into woodworking or foundation house enchancment tasks. I clarify every of those instruments: Miter Noticed, Cordless Drill with hammer drill setting, Cordless Affect Driver, Round Noticed (battery powered), Compressor Mixture Equipment, which features a 16 and 18 gauge nail gun and a staple gun.

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Harold O'Brien says:

You mentioned battery nailers vs compressor pneumatic. The biggest difference is the battery nailers due to the battery are much heavier and bigger meaning they don't always fit into the space you need to nail. Pneumatic are lighter and smaller but have limitations associated with he compress and electricity as well as hoses. Also, it's imperative that one settles on a single brand of battery operated power tools as the batteries are generally interchangeable within a brand but are not at all interchangeable from brand to brand. And, as you pointed out batteries are expensive.

Daniel Samms says:

Hitachi is definitely my favorite. Though they've recently rebranded to Metabo HPT.

I Enjoy Creating Videos says:

Good video Jon! Thank you for sharing it with us.👍😎JP

PA Boots says:

I’ve had that PC nail gun and compressor for almost 10 years and love it 👍🏼

Raj Dann says:

I rem when you used your Hitachi miter saw….

Philip Quinn says:

Table saw #1

Captn Jack says:

I have been using a Porter Cable 1/4" impact driver for over 3 years now. I mean I use it almost every day One of the best things I have bought in years.

FerrisMedia says:

Hey Jon, great advice as always. I grew up seeing my dad at the table saw all the time, so that was a must for me. But I remember how difficult it was for hobbyists to make good mitered joints with the old Diston backsaw hand miter boxes– so the powered chop saws were huge game-changers for most of us!

John Sholian says:

I agree wholeheartedly about that list. I would add a reciprocating saw to that list as well. I would look for a cordless kit and make sure to have a 2nd battery on hand. The Milwaukee brand is excellent but I’ve recently picked up some Ryobi cordless garden tools and have been impressed enough to want a cordless miter saw and reciprocating saw in the same line.

Jacob Milrod says:

I think this is a great list of necessary tools. My 2 cents on power tools…whenever you can, buy Ridgid Tools (Home Depot). I know, I know…I'm not arguing that they are the best tools out there. I think Makita, Milwaukee and a couple other brands probably perform slightly better. BUT most Ridgid Tools are guaranteed for LIFE, batteries and battery chargers included! For the average DIY person, they perform perfectly fine and you won't have to spend $50 on a new 18 volt Li-Ion battery when your old one dies. I wish someone had told me that when I first got into wood working and DIY projects.

David Bishop a.k.a. 1EYE WOODY says:

Good line up.

Ayman Sweiti says:

May be a low cfm paint sprayer is a good tool to add. Thanks Jon.

Steve Collins says:

That's a great list, Jon.

NecroYeti says:

Good list. Also a good point on not getting the cheap stuff, my own experience is that the biggest differences between the cheaper (not the cheapest 😉 and the better, say even mid-priced cordless drills and impact drivers are the batteries and then the jaws of the chuck, I've yet to break motors or clutches…mainly because the batteries have worn out before anything else broke or the jaws were worn to the point of being completely useless.

It's also important to always say that people please don't buy into the marketing gimmicks and get everything at once. The tools on this list with a decent handsaw, a decent backsaw, one handplane (my most used one is a #7 and the #4 comes in a distant second, even after the electric planer), a couple of chisels, a spokeshave, card scrapers and basic measuring and marking tools like a marking gauge, steel ruler, metalworking squares and straightedge…maybe add in a combination square and a caliper and compass will get you far into building almost whatever you need, as long as you take the time to learn to use what you have and understand that making things with them takes a lot of time and patience. As far as machines I'd recommend getting a good bandsaw and jointer/thicknesser (or separate machines if you're so inclined) before investing in a good table saw.

Chuck P says:

Jon – Great job!! You should check out the California Air Tools compressors. Wicked quiet. Thanks for sharing.

David Turnbull says:

Many thanks for your videos Jon …really enjoy your content and delivery. I have only been woodworking for about 2 years (Im 58 by the way haha…never too late eh?). I have the 5 tools you mention in this video and have just bought a cheap table saw which I think was a mistake. The point you make about decent quality is a valid one. As a newbie I think the temptation is to err on the side of caution in terms of cost of tools but maybe this isn’t the best policy. … Many thanks. David from Sunderland, England.

uKNOWuLIKE that says:

have all of these except the compressor, but I still can't cut miter's like you do. 🙁

Charles van Tongeren says:

Rail saw instead of circular saw… It can do everything a circ saw can do but also what a table saw can do as well… One of my most used tools by far

Pleasant Ranch says:

Nice vid Jon! The compressor gets my vote for the “tool I didn’t think I needed but now can’t do without.” I use that thing all day long, blowing dust off of tools and work surfaces, out of wood pores before applying finish. Not to mention inflating car and bike tires and all the floaties in the neighborhood!

Carravagio16 says:

hey jon from one artist to another you should check out the cordless milwaukee m12 stapler its what i use to stretch my canvas / linen

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