Tour of the ULTIMATE Energy Device Workbench

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On this video, I give a tour of my energy instrument workbench and clarify the totally different options it has, what went improper through the construct, and my plans for making the bench even higher sooner or later.

Plans for the workbench can be found right here:

Or when you would favor to look at the collection from the start, you’ll be able to watch this playlist.

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My title is Matt Estlea, I am a 23 yr outdated Woodworker from Basingstoke in England and my intention is to make your woodworking much less s***.

I come from 5 years tuition at Rycotewood Furnishings Centre and four years expertise working at Axminster Instruments and Equipment the place I nonetheless at present work on weekends. In the course of the week, I movie woodworking initiatives, tutorials, critiques and a viewer favorite ‘Device Duel’ the place I examine two aggressive producers instruments towards each other to seek out out which is finest.

I prefer to have fun and my movies are fairly quick paced BUT you’ll study loads, I guarantee you.

Lets go make a large number.




James Spence says:

Hmm, Didn't England grace us with the Imperial system in the first place??

Emily Lindstrom says:

Really turned out fantastic. I love that you treated the pine with respect, I know it's cheap and soft but some of my fondest memories from childhood involve building stuff with pine so it warms my heart to see those beautiful dovetails on pine drawers.

Allan H says:

Matt, I don't have a problem with your shelves rather than boxes (drawers). How are you going to see what's on the bottom if you only have drawers? Us Aussies (I'm actually an ex-pom, Blackburn, Lancs.) are considered as "lay-back" but we do think, now and again 😉

Haz1 Bro says:

Just quality, I’m doing carpentry and joinery at college right now and love watching all your vids. Also, your camera skills are great, thanks for making all these videos

Kiki Lang says:

You lost your dog? I heard your track saw sometimes hit the dogs. Must be why your dog ran off.

Ray Smith says:

Should have bought a Festool or a Makita Tracksaw, looks really good, are you going to make a smaller one for those of us who work in a wooden shed

Gareth Fuller says:

Will you be protecting your worktop when cutting or is it sacrificial? Built one myself and use plywood underneath, don't want to destroy the surface. What do you do? Just cut into the top?

Le PicBois says:

Really cool bench man! 🤟🏼

richard goebel says:

2 awesome workbenches with 1 awesome woodworker in between.

Brandt L says:

I am trying to wrap my head around this type of bench system. So, is it to hybridize a setup bench with dog system trying to reduce need for a tablesaw? I mean, the bench needs to bigger than a sheet of plywood for panel cutting system so one needs to give up some shop space bit it is gained by not having a tablesaw.

ṽᴧ volts says:

An hour a day of workshop organization/tidying goes a long way towards a cleaner space.
Though, I'm a low-maintenance OCD dude that can't help but organize. lol

Patrick Fougere says:

For that back panel, put holders for all the different wrenches and label them, flat and out of the way, but handy where you can get them.

D.I.Y 'Cause I F*ckin Can! says:

Why do you keep your microwave on the moon?

whats that? says:

well done matt, great series, go for a pint… imperial.

James Smith says:

Being from the state's, I use the good ole imperial system. I do like using metric, however you have to have a high power microscope to read those damn millimeter marks.

Paul Lawless says:

Great series matt

antony elliot says:

really enjoyed this series, nice one matt

Daniel Geng says:

Don’t listen to the lumber snobs Matt, OSB is fine and does look interesting ! Nice build !

George F S says:

Matt, how are you going to protect the worktop when using tracksaw? Or is it going to be sacrificial? I also follow Dave Stanton who uses interlocking camping matts which I have started using, they're very good. You can find some here
As you can see they have a set of holes in them.

George Scholey

Garry Palmer says:

I think we all have a mixed dumping box for odd screws

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