Two Tier Drawer For Extra Tool Storage – Making The Most Of A Small Shop

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Making a simple modification to a storage drawer to allow for addition organized storage of some of my less used hand tools.

Not really woodworking tools but I still need them from time to time and these tools are especially handy when setting up my equipment.

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Benny Banger says:

Once again, beautifully made and useful addition. I wonder why you didn't just cut down the height of the existing draw and create a new one above for your tools? It would give you the same functionality with one less slider. Have I missed something (besides the coolness of your approach!)

Max D Franklin says:

Love it, your a genius. Very inspiring.

Vacer Fpv says:

Really smart idea.
And you make it look so simple.
Thanks for sharing

Josef Senti says:

Well done. You're good in finding solutions!!!

Bill Hiney says:

Another fantastic idea to solve an unexpected issue…..

Summers Woodworking says:

Nicely done.

Philip Jones says:

WoW ,!! Some of your ideas are so simple and yet , I would never of thought of it. Looking forward to your next video 👍👍👍

giantpune says:

This seems like a bit of a waste. If he had just made it 2 separate drawers, he wouldn't have had to waste a 3rd pair of drawer slides.

+1 point for ingenuity, -1 point for a solution looking for a problem and overthinking the thing.

Fodil Aissani says:

Please clean up the blue helmet in the corner of the shop 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Ben Makepeace says:

Nice job mate but that stupid wristband and those weak ass 10.8v drill and screwdriver are letting you down.

Hopefully the more successful you become on youtube you can get some nicer drills.
Just ditch the wristband tho 😂

Grevlain says:

Very nice. And when you have a million subscribers, you can roll that sucker out and into a new larger workshop!

Larson Bennett says:

Nicely done.

Twango says:

Great idea. Wish I had not thrown away the inside of my 100 piece tool set.

gregory bowman says:

Just when I think you've run out of space to add anything more to your work station…you come up with something else. You are an awesome engineer! Thanks for sharing

Stuart Nagle says:

Hey, great space saving idea…I like it…👍🏻

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