50 Superb Makes use of for Wooden Pallets

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On this video I am exhibiting you guys 50 genius and superb makes use of for wooden pallets! None of those concepts are mine; I simply wished to point out you what some superb individuals have accomplished with theirs to provide you all concepts on what you would do with yours!

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1. https://goo.gl/XLVpGv
2. https://goo.gl/mPejx2
three. https://goo.gl/ct2dqa
four. https://goo.gl/T8M28q
5. https://goo.gl/ptTS7m
6. https://goo.gl/bjs76d
7. https://goo.gl/5h4C91
eight. https://goo.gl/cqCQ3U
9. https://goo.gl/f8exbv
10. https://goo.gl/Q581zz
11. https://goo.gl/j6zVgf
12. https://goo.gl/fTDpnR
13. https://goo.gl/wje9HG
14. https://goo.gl/mY8chD
15. https://goo.gl/5znv5d
16. https://goo.gl/Cm5sJy
17. https://goo.gl/XZfRVC
18. https://goo.gl/uYCxnn
19. https://goo.gl/vQ6cyx
20. https://goo.gl/wU9EQk
21. https://goo.gl/2oGi7t
22. https://goo.gl/ZHJfQV
23. https://goo.gl/JbaFpj
24. https://goo.gl/bgSVwx
25. https://goo.gl/S2shiK
26. https://goo.gl/P78d21
27. https://goo.gl/w8MEBX
28. https://goo.gl/gwkeDY
29. https://goo.gl/5kqivj
30. https://goo.gl/DMHo5z
31. https://goo.gl/zR6Qof
32. https://goo.gl/F9tBui
33. https://goo.gl/BHphzF
34. https://goo.gl/APoNF8
35. https://goo.gl/xLZMU1
36. https://goo.gl/EVGJCB
37. https://goo.gl/ASfozu
38. https://goo.gl/jjGNrt
39. https://goo.gl/KyFseR
40. https://goo.gl/hHXJsM
41. https://goo.gl/1oCEfv
42. https://goo.gl/8bzEvK
43. https://goo.gl/5Qy7VC
44. https://goo.gl/j9YkWd
45. https://goo.gl/wuUtcn
46. https://goo.gl/EUMpB8
47. https://goo.gl/VkYbc8
48. https://goo.gl/btFKLB
49. https://goo.gl/yQ8m5d
50. https://goo.gl/U2m7Xm

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Michael Babb says:

all this time I've been misusing all this stuff ……i was loading trucks with them, what a bloody waste

Nirrrina says:

Check Craigslist. I like regularly browsing the free section here in Tulsa and they are always posting free pallets. There's also a lot of free firewood. Although a lot is just big branches or cut it yourself trees there's occasionally good stuff. Also so many other things. Including once a free moose head. Drove my sister nuts telling her I wanted it.
Obviously didn't get it.

Shield Spear says:

NUMBER 51:Firewood

Margot says:

What is 18 – Corn hole?????

Trisha Rose says:

Wow, very nice. Only thing I don't like is how heavy they are to move, otherwise, awesome.

peger says:

Before you start making furniture for your home / flat from pallets woods, let me cool you enthusiasm.
Some pallets can be impregnated with chemicals that may not necessarily be healthy for you. So be careful

Jen Weaver says:

You can also mak flooring with them

Dale Ernst says:

The heat treated pallets are the best if you can get them

YouTube Red says:

Wow nice
Quite video

Paul Moore says:

Hard to take apart if you want to save the wood, usually gun nailed or stapled together.

Lee M Day says:

It s great to use pallets its free wood at its best but be careful ! Pallit wood my have been sprayed with a fungasidle bug mkiller called penta clhrophenol it highly toxic and its got dioxin in it a lot of pallet s don't have it in but a very small amount do so be careful don't worrie the sniff ! Test will soon tell you its bit like Chinese plastic stink!

Craig Cricket says:

I built a pallet with pallets

Janice Malone says:


Janice Malone says:

I am anxious to create furniture from pallets.

Capt Jebus says:

Idea 51 = Bonfire

Ashley Welborn says:

Not near as easy as the vid makes it seem. My husband built my cabinets ,shelves etc for my kitchen from pallets. Very hard work , But well worth it. Strongest wood ever and very light weight,stains really good to . Plus always always pressure wash them before using and check the codes on the pallets ,to determine chemicals used on the pallets for shipping etc.

Joseph Deffendoll says:

If my chicken coop works out then I'm building a brothel.
Thanks for the great ideas.

Morrigan Ravenchild says:

Some great ideas here.

MsCece Miller says:

Video was a little fast but, 😎 idea's! Thanks for sharing! 👍

Dale Ernst says:

If you have a truck a lot of places will buy them from you. You can make between 2 and 3 dollars for a good 48 buy 40 inch skid

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