Wonderful Talent Woodworking Venture

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Thanks for watching “Wonderful Talent Woodworking Venture”, Discover extra concepts about woodworking methods.

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Captain Raven says:

So impressed. Millennials that can do more than look at their phones. There maybe hope for the future yet.

Richard Kranium says:

in the 80's i built with big timbers in New Mexico when i saw the black finger nail . i smiled i always had one it seemed .

Norm Landes says:

At the very least, this is inspiring work. Yet, I did not see anyone using hand planes, though they still might have used planes. Also, this very admirable work has a certain heavy or "substantial" quality to it. Maybe it has to do with the size of the timber that is used, and perhaps the type of wood requires larger sizes to meet engineering standards.

happy04346 says:

what is the brand/name of the band saw? I'm building a post and beam home and I'm looking for something with this depth etc.

IantheWoodcraftsman says:

I've never seen such an array of hand-held power tools! And they sure know how to use them resulting in amazing workmanship!

francis stalter says:

king kong doesn't really exist

keith says:

Amazing. I was a carpenter for years, but, not at this level. My hats off to you guy's.

K4plaa says:

his chisels are clearly blunt, he uses a sharpened axe as a chisel for no reason at all and has some very expensive clever power tools….. this is not amazing skill folks, its average skill dramatized up to look flashy for social media… shallow..and who the hell uses a massive hand held circular saw like that to cut a tenon ffs…hes an idiot.. stood over water using power tools^^, seriously, don't copy this dick head

Peter Kovak says:

Amazing skills.

Britcheflee says:

Gotta be the biggest skil saw Ive ever seen!

Michael Dillon says:

Great work – love the portable bandsaw and the huge portable circular saw and that massive portable dress press – Great stuff -the Roof truss would hold up anything and I would love to know what timber they were using ? Oregon maybe or green Oak. Can someone tell me?h

Tim Hörster says:

hand made stuff is the best stuff ! really impressive work!

123kkambiz says:

that was expert way of using tools for making extraordinary cuts , amazing ideas. My privilege to watch this extraordinary woodworking.

LOZBRY says:

fantastic love watching skilled guys who know what they are doing, Yong as well ,,

Артем Легеза says:

Ребят я желаю вам удачи в жизни и ваших проектах дай бог вам здоровья и развития честно до слёз

David Rubalcaba says:

Wow, guys. This is amazing work. I have been a woodworker all my life and I can only dream of doing this kind of work. You should be very proud of yourselves.

Дмитрий Хитрый says:

нахрена это выёживание, для оправданий баснословной цены работ и поднятия имиджа"левши"?! практического смысла никакого!!!

bb4520 says:

I am a carpenter in Japan and I saw it very interestingly
sorry for my poor English

Jim Hal says:


Josh Coulter says:

It's good to see a younger generation taking the time and study to re-learn the time tested ways. The timber frame trusses were nice, but the gates were incredible. Excellent work gentlemen.

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