Best Woodworking Project to give as a Gift? | Wood Project

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What do you think is the best gift a woodworking can give for any occasion? Well you will have to watch my video fully to see what I think is! This is just one of those wood projects that can be made as a gift to be given for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and you name it. If you are a woodworker, you should definitely give this woodworking projects a shot. Everyone should give this DIY Wood Project a Shot. Thanks!


TheArtisanWoodshop says:

For my end grain to long grain attachment here let me explain my thoughts for the wood movement gurus. If you look at the growth rings I am gluing them perpendicular to the long grain. So the majority of the movement isn't interactive between these to parts. What really matters is the fact that you have QS expansion and contraction in line with the long grain. There will be less than a 4% difference in wood movement between the two parts. A very common end grain application is to have a solid end grain board surrounded by another wood species. Well when you do that you have two sides of the borders running with the grain of the center, but the other two sides run perpendicular which has a 4% difference in wood movement. With such small scale you most likely aren't going to have any issues, and I am actually only half of that here. Wouldn't completely saturating the cutting board with oil be worst case scenario after using kiln dried lumber? No issues, months later after building and shipping it to another state, no issues.

I am using the fact that plain sawn lumber shrinks roughly 8% when kiln dried, and rift sawn shrinks roughly 4%. So the difference in gluing Rift sawn to Plain sawn is a 4% delta in wood movement, and rift sawn to long grain is just under a 4% delta. Vs Plain sawn grain to long grain which is an 8% delta.

Davala Erika says:

It’s normally

Tech Experience says:

Nice workmanship and a Great looking board, I'd like to hear your commentary as you work and why you do things the way you do, I'm just starting out and built my first generic workbench so I'd have something to use as an assembly table, so hearing your thoughts as you work would be good for me!

Tom Jones says:

Love your work man great channel please keep posting! Peace

The hour_hand says:

At 1:00 I thought the glue was mustard

Rob I says:

Awesome job. Just wondering which video editor do you use for your videos. Great job on it.

Maila Loomy says:

This time I will use woodprix plans to make it easy with my own hands.

Romelia Polly says:

Im using woodprix instructions to make it and I do it already πŸ™‚

Bruce Davis says:

I like the feet you used can you tell me the place you got them. maybe amazon?

William Gallaher says:

Very nice, thank you for sharing!!!

Maila Loomy says:

I am sure you'll learn how to make it if you'll read woodprix HANDBOOKS from cover to cover πŸ™‚

Gingras Lacy says:

I did it with stodoys plans.

Rick Henderson says:

Looked great, though probably more work than I'd want to out into a cutting board though. But still, it's something I'm going to try along with box making that can be done with minimal tools.

Michael R Kegg Jr says:

That is a nice looking piece thank you for sharing

Ronnie Lemoine says:

A tape measure can never have enough

Chris Wareing says:

I'm just starting out in woodworking, got some basic tools, router, jigsaw and sander, have you got some ideas what I could do to start

Tyler Blair says:

Honest feedback. Cutting board is good. I find rounding over the edges improves look and longevity. Also, routing finger holds on the sides makes for easier use. Craftsmanship is great. Video would be better without the music. I’m a music fanatic, but halfway through I hit mute. Maybe it was the song, maybe it was the fact that it was loud and distracting. I find woodworking videos much more enjoyable just listening to the tools do their thing. This is just one man’s opinion. Take it or leave it. Just keep up the good work. Board is beautiful.

Lawrence Kownacki says:

Too many machines!

ManWithPlan ! says:

Is the lighter color wood actually particle board? It sure looks like it is!!

Paula Figueroa says:

Exquisit work! I loved it

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